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the infinite today

instead of eschewing the past
(so much focus on "living in the Now")
ignoring it as illusion
or "over"

another option:
recognizing that past moments linger
both in the body
and in timelines
see that at some level
the past is still happening!

helpful hint:
go back to the pain points
& wrap them in a blanket of comforting love

make this a habit
and one day
in a moment of forgetting
you may find yourself embraced and lifted
by a brighter & wiser version
of your Self

"Hold Me" bench, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

(with respect to the spiritual teacher Brian Baruch)


old journal entry from 2006 (let’s try this again shall we?)

found while going through old journals...

August 22, 2006

I am now ready, willing, and able to persevere with ease and grace in the face of any doubts, either in my head or reflected outside of me by others. I understand that anything in my life I don’t like is a reflection of WHO I WAS and that by changing WHO I AM NOW I will shape and transform my future. I forgive myself for everything and know that this journey has happened this way for a reason. I choose to learn my lesson and move on to the next chapter.

I am now choosing who I want to be and getting aligned with that in each moment with my thoughts, words, and actions as best I can with no regrets.

photo from a camping party in the Elaho Valley around the same time


unusual weaponry

Saw a big trainload of military tanks parked under my office window today.

trainload of military tanks in Scarborough

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going through the old stuff

I've pulled out an old suitcase full of journals and am going to go through them to see what I can find.

I imagine some will get tossed, but that I'll also find a few useful gems that can be used in other writing projects.

The earliest one is from 2001, around the time I threw out everything I'd written up to that point.


RSS feed

I'm having issues with my RSS feed.

Can you help? Click on the orange logo in the upper right and let me know in the comments what happens & what browser you're using.

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rainy day fun

rainy day fun


hackneyed roundabouts

There's something wrong with my RSS feed, and I'm working on figuring it out. Sorry about that.

That said, my spam/troll filter is working great, which is good because insincere comments seem to be epidemic.

Here's a funny one that came through today, it's pretty obvious this was created using a translation program because the word choices are so awkward.

Hi, cowboy! I dislike my hackneyed indoor work and try to spend my weekends outside the city walking and exploring the roundabouts. This time I located a pure lake in the forest. It was so sultry outside but the water was incredibly cold.
I couldn't help swimming. But I had no swimming suit with me, that is why I simply undressed! My wildest friend made several piquant photos - check out my profile to see them. Send me a message for more details!

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Giant Triangle debut

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Toronto is music city

I'm feeling really at home in Toronto and am playing a lot of music! My band Giant Triangle has its first gig on October 12, and I've been going to a lot of drum circles & jam sessions. I also played for an outdoor yoga class at the Junction Music Festival this weekend. I still have a day job but I'm finding the more I focus on music, the better things go in all aspects of my life. I feel like not depending on music for money allows me to be less stressed & more creative (though I wish I had more time for it!) It's about improving my own musical skills and spending as much time in "the zone" as possible. Good times.

Art Fusion Event @ The Foundery


new writing project

There are a lot of stories out there about 2012 being important.  Perhaps in the future (assuming there is a future) we'll laugh about how worked up we got about it.  Some might say the effects were there, but just subtle.  Or, perhaps there is something momentous set for that date in December! I like to think benevolent ETs show up.  I believe we need their help.