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Margo’s got the cargo by….

I made a silly video:

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Giant Triangle early version of “Congratulations”

This is what my band's working on right now (me on drums)

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Happy Holidays (flute music & snowflakes)

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salmon jumping in Toronto’s Humber River

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new recording of an old song

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“Love is a Rose”

My lo-fi version of an old Neil Young song made famous by Linda Ronstadt in the 70s...

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Tuning up in Toronto

This is what I did this morning...

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Toronto Skyline at Sunrise with Winter Steam

I have been very lucky to have nice places to stay while in transition! Here's the view from my current abode, taken early in the morning from the 23rd floor, and sped up:

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random homemade music video

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“the wisdom bliss point of view is no point of view at all”

philosophy-wise I'm leaning towards this sort of thing Now