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under the electric wires

Last Friday it was a nice afternoon and my company is smart enough to give everyone a half day at the end of week, so at the end of the day I decided to see how far I could walk towards home before getting tired.

I explored the paved "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" trail, part of Toronto's network of bike routes. I didn't encounter anyone else along the way (on a winter's day.)

"Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

old factory, "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

"Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

pretty bike racks, "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

yin yang intersection, Scarborough

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alleyway art

Seen in the Annex:

alleyway art 1 of 3

alleyway art 2 of 3

alleyway art 3 of 3

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salmon jumping in Toronto’s Humber River

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lakeside drum jam

I'm enjoying being back in Toronto, where it's fully summer :)

@ at a lakeside drum jam

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street performance

I caught this footage of street performer DynaMike at the first Pedestrian Sunday of 2011 in Toronto's Kensington Market a few weeks ago:

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prettiest part of my morning commute

When Toronto's subway passes under the high bridge known as the Prince Edward or Bloor Viaduct it comes out from underground to reveal a nice vista (just West of the aptly named Broadview Station.)

I always take a moment to look up from my book (or my Iphone) to gaze at the trees and the river. It's great to see so much green after a long, grey winter.

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it’s a sign (“Learn or Guess”)

seen in Toronto:

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“don’t just do something, sit there!”

when I need a break from the density
I take the streetcar to (almost) the end of the line
walk a bit
and sit

Toronto Skyline from Humber Bay

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cute snowman

Wintertime is sometimes also quite fun...

Happy High Park Snowman, Toronto

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still Winter

I've gotten used to needing a warm hat every day (or as Canadians call it, a toque) because it's been cold for MONTHS.

Spring is coming. I'm ready.

Don River, Toronto

Don Valley Trail, Toronto

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