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loving Toronto



moving East

A few weeks ago I put out a "housing wanted" ad on the Toronto edition of Craigslist:

I am a single female looking for an apartment that is above a store or office that is closed at night so that I can practice (not loud) music after my (steady, professional) day job without bothering anyone.

I am generally just playing the flute, but I do have a set of electronic drums (which I use with headphones) and I sometimes sing.

I am looking for something East of Yonge because I work in Scarborough. Ideal would be walkable to a Danforth TTC station.

No one answered the ad, but the first place I went and looked at in person (in response to someone else's Kijiji ad) fit the bill perfectly, and they chose me over several other applicants. It's less than 5 minutes' walk from a Danforth TTC station and is above a shop that closes at 6. I won't have to go through downtown at rush hour anymore, and I'll be commuting 10 fewer hours every week than I am now (glorious!)

I'm feeling like I've endured a lot and accomplished a lot in the last 3 years while living in my current space and this is a big reward. I'm also looking forward to the next phase (& having my own kitchen again!)

East Toronto


unusual weaponry

Saw a big trainload of military tanks parked under my office window today.

trainload of military tanks in Scarborough

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Toronto is music city

I'm feeling really at home in Toronto and am playing a lot of music! My band Giant Triangle has its first gig on October 12, and I've been going to a lot of drum circles & jam sessions. I also played for an outdoor yoga class at the Junction Music Festival this weekend. I still have a day job but I'm finding the more I focus on music, the better things go in all aspects of my life. I feel like not depending on music for money allows me to be less stressed & more creative (though I wish I had more time for it!) It's about improving my own musical skills and spending as much time in "the zone" as possible. Good times.

Art Fusion Event @ The Foundery


blueberry abduction mural

blueberry abudction mural

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a nice evening (links to larger version of picture)


so much fun

I went a giant pillowfight in Toronto on Saturday and was amazed at the childlike energy that totally enveloped me.

I had to stop and sit down to catch my breath I was laughing so hard.

The only casualty was that I lost my bunny ears.

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kaleidoscope eyes

just a mural from my walk today

rainbow sunglasses street art, Toronto

rainbow sunglasses street art, Toronto

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some green space

I went to the Allan Gardens Conservatory today.

It's a set of interconnected greenhouses run by the city of Toronto and it's free to visit between 10-5 seven days a week.

It's been a long, grey winter and this place gives me a real lift.

unusual plant, Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Thread Agave, Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

banana tree, Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

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following the music

Loving Toronto now, as I have lots going on that's aimed at the long term.

Am not so eager to run away anytime soon anymore...

Bench with Grafitti "Escape from Parkdale" in Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

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