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Margo’s got the cargo by….

I made a silly video:

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Giant Triangle early version of “Congratulations”

This is what my band's working on right now (me on drums)

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cover song with Internet cats

This is a silly video I made by singing a Japanese punk girl band song as folk music and putting together some Internet cats.

My old friend YT is at 2:45.

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new recording of an old song

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“Love is a Rose”

My lo-fi version of an old Neil Young song made famous by Linda Ronstadt in the 70s...

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the old fashioned way (sheet music) in a new way

I transcribed my song into sheet music and am feeling happy about how it turned out. I also feel happy that my brain cooperated with a transcription project (and I even enjoyed doing it.)

The preview below doesn't have perfect resolution, but the printouts are quite nice.

Special thanks to the free music notation software MuseScore.


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“See You” (A love song for British Columbia)

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Happy Holidays 2010

A short holiday video I made with my low rez camera walking around Toronto today, with my Autoharp version of White Christmas on top.

Happy Holidays!

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Tuning up in Toronto

This is what I did this morning...

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inspiration in owl pajamas

It's 6:45 AM and I just woke up from the clearest dream of my life in which a song seed was delivered to me.

I was sitting in a cabin on the Sunshine Coast when a gang of real estate developers came by with a form, looking to get me to sign away my property. I said I was just a tenant and they moved along going door to door.

Later in the dream I was in a hallway with many doors, one led to a magical forest with amazing creatures (I'm remembering tiny baby flamingos) and in another I was in a hot tub room with a group of warm hearted people. One of the guys was singing a song and playing guitar and everyone joined in. At the end I remember grabbing the Autoharp and figuring out that it was in the key of G.

The words:

"oh my lord of heart and of sorrow
oh my lord
oh my lord
oh my lord, I hurt and I struggle
carry me
to where I belong"

A crew of people were singing along (we repeated it for a long time with feeling) and when we stopped someone said, "sing it like you wrote it!"

I woke up feeling like I had a responsibility to create this song and deliver it.

I find this interesting because I've been avoiding writing "negative" songs, and now feel that honest sentiment is the way to go.

Also, I did see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland IMAX movie last night, which may have triggered something (at least the doors and flamingoes.)

More soon.