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Traffic Stop

I decided to stay in tonight and play with sounds (unwinding)


Margo’s got the cargo by….

I made a silly video:

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Giant Triangle debut

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Toronto is music city

I'm feeling really at home in Toronto and am playing a lot of music! My band Giant Triangle has its first gig on October 12, and I've been going to a lot of drum circles & jam sessions. I also played for an outdoor yoga class at the Junction Music Festival this weekend. I still have a day job but I'm finding the more I focus on music, the better things go in all aspects of my life. I feel like not depending on music for money allows me to be less stressed & more creative (though I wish I had more time for it!) It's about improving my own musical skills and spending as much time in "the zone" as possible. Good times.

Art Fusion Event @ The Foundery


forgot my pen

Was in biking home through the park and stopped for a sit. Had the Autoharp with me so I decided to work on a song. I didn't have a pen, so I had to use my iPhone to take notes...


“A Psychedelic Dream”

A pretty new Ekoplex track featuring some of my fluting...

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drummer librarian

The band I'm drumming in has about 20 original songs.

I've made an index card for each one where I write notes for myself.

Cards are also an easy way to tell which songs we've done and which are left as the rehearsal goes along...


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make music



Giant Triangle early version of “Congratulations”

This is what my band's working on right now (me on drums)

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current focus