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oh Entheos

The Entheos Gathering has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years and this year was tragic and difficult, yet more heart opening than any experience in my life thus far.

I will endeavour to write up my own feelings about what happened soon.

Entheos community comes together in wake of homicide

With word starting to get around, the organizers wanted the veterans in the scene to know the facts, to help maintain calm. This had been a very relaxing, peaceful festival up until that point. I hadn't seen any acts of aggression. Throughout the weekend, I only saw people love, laugh and live together. Old friends reunited, strangers played games with each other, dozens of children and dogs ran free. They ate, drank, meditated, learned and celebrated openly yet consciously. They covered themselves in colours, danced in the rain and laughed at lightning. It was beautiful.

you're so beautifulll


a glimpse of Entheos

Here's some video I took at Entheos.

I'm wishing I'd taken more (next year!)

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photos from the gathering

Click on the big white van to see my Entheos pictures...

big whitey, aka Entheos Cargo Pod 1



A few pictures from Sobey of the main stage, also known as the Entheos Lightship!




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feels like home

I'm back in BC visiting and just had the time of my life (so far) at the Entheos Gathering.

Unfortunately, I can't find my camera cable, so posting pictures will have to wait until I get back to Toronto...


new track

posted a new track to my Myspace page called "Ace Metrix" which uses this sound and this sound from

click the screenshot to listen



music from another realm

Neto's Aquatikon is is the first release from the new mid-tempo electronica label Omnitropic.

I find it highly original and compelling. It's a free, legal download.




heart breaking (open)


we are all drawn to each other
by mysterious forces
in this tribe

we were all born
to help Earth ascend
we feel it
we know it

media kidz!
how we love each other

sexy, romantic characters
sometimes we’re drawn to connect deeply
(heart and flesh)
then not

it’s the biological imperative

feel its vicissitudes
(be present in your own drama)

it's the fastest way to evolve
after all

let it come and go
enjoy it
cry about it
with passion

holistically unattached to how it appears
(love is all-ways here)

the work must go on


VEMF 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed the Victoria Electronic Music Festival. I love to dance (it's definitely in my top 5 of favourite things) however am done with the nightclub scene. There's something so magical about being able to dance in the daytime, for free, right outside of City Hall!

One of the greatest things about this type of event is the people who wander in not knowing about the open joy of movement that is part of modern electronic music dance culture (FYI: no one calls it "raving" anymore) and seeing them join right in. That sort of thing can change a person's life!

Victoria is an awesome town.

See my Flickr photo set for this event for more images.

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awesome pictures of Entheos

Xander of Ektoplazm Records took awesome photographs of our Entheos Festival!

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