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pertinent words

Today I'm thinking of two quotes. One is from my mother, and one is from a friend....

In life, err on the side of joy and adventure. - Priscilla Neale

It's a miracle we've made it this far. - Gabriel Lightheart

Rabbit Tracks


bears & icaro

Two videos from my evening at Serenity by the Sea...

Lunaya singing icaros

& a message from the teddy bear guru Chocobear

The Illuminated and Glowing ChocoBear Travels

Light Kin Teddy Bear Style
I am a universal being
Illuminated and Glowing
On an adventure of Heart discovery
As you are


teddy bear’s picnic

I am lucky enough to appear in the first "Illuminated and Glowing Travels of Chocobear" video playing flute in Stanley Park.

A fun afternoon indeed.

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turns of phrase

Here are a few phrases & concepts collected from my wise friends Gabriel & Sapphire...

heart to heart and hand to hand

making the choice to follow a thought

behave as a foreign diplomat

the only choice as a human is to love

a frame by frame movement of absolute stillness

every sparrow is seen

peaceful exuberance

taking care is strength

you are responsible for any unrest

embrace the day

today anything could happen

this is happening

nothing is happening

shared velocity

as immortal, how would it speak?

the beginning and the end of nothing

whatever it is, it’s inevitable

the impersonal view regarding passing events