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I've been online a long time and my web presence is starting to feel scattered and in some cases, rusty.

I'll be working on this over the next few months, and most likely moving most of my work (and possibly this blog) over to

It's time to assess what I've got out there and rework it for the next phase.

Part of the motivation to do so is creative and part is career development related.


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  1. I’ve always liked your online handle though, hope u keep this domain name.

  2. I will keep this one but I might make it more for my music, or at least change the design a bit.

    Remember “The Practical Hippie”? Looks like the guy who hijacked it and put up pr0n gave up on trying to blackmail me as it’s now a Korean (?) spam site.

  3. My presence has been fairly consistent moving from AGM to CermonialSoup with little else anywhere else. I’m looking forward to seeing ‘always adapting’ in action.

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