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moving East

A few weeks ago I put out a "housing wanted" ad on the Toronto edition of Craigslist:

I am a single female looking for an apartment that is above a store or office that is closed at night so that I can practice (not loud) music after my (steady, professional) day job without bothering anyone.

I am generally just playing the flute, but I do have a set of electronic drums (which I use with headphones) and I sometimes sing.

I am looking for something East of Yonge because I work in Scarborough. Ideal would be walkable to a Danforth TTC station.

No one answered the ad, but the first place I went and looked at in person (in response to someone else's Kijiji ad) fit the bill perfectly, and they chose me over several other applicants. It's less than 5 minutes' walk from a Danforth TTC station and is above a shop that closes at 6. I won't have to go through downtown at rush hour anymore, and I'll be commuting 10 fewer hours every week than I am now (glorious!)

I'm feeling like I've endured a lot and accomplished a lot in the last 3 years while living in my current space and this is a big reward. I'm also looking forward to the next phase (& having my own kitchen again!)

East Toronto

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  1. Like mentioned elsewhere, this is fabulous news. 10 hours saving is an enormous difference.

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