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transcribing old journals

I've just finished transcribing my old stack of journals! I didn't type up everything, just what I felt might be worth sharing.

I'll share the whole document after some formatting/editing work, but here's an excerpt:

January 3, 2006

Travelling and talking, exporing and seeking, I’ve done my share of them all, but somehow it all leads back INSIDE. The outer world, the people we meet all as projections, reflections, refractions of the Love that exists inside.

Really, there’s nowhere to go (though it’s beautiful to explore) because it’s all HERE, NOW. Somehow these ideas resonate but I know my understanding is limited at this juncture in so-called space and time.

The key to me it seems is Presence, being here now, paying attention, bringing the multislacking mind back to the centre, the light (whatever we call it, however it’s experienced) and embracing it all (including our pain and transgressions) as Perfect.

There are no mistakes on the journey.

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