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rainy day fun

rainy day fun


hackneyed roundabouts

There's something wrong with my RSS feed, and I'm working on figuring it out. Sorry about that.

That said, my spam/troll filter is working great, which is good because insincere comments seem to be epidemic.

Here's a funny one that came through today, it's pretty obvious this was created using a translation program because the word choices are so awkward.

Hi, cowboy! I dislike my hackneyed indoor work and try to spend my weekends outside the city walking and exploring the roundabouts. This time I located a pure lake in the forest. It was so sultry outside but the water was incredibly cold.
I couldn't help swimming. But I had no swimming suit with me, that is why I simply undressed! My wildest friend made several piquant photos - check out my profile to see them. Send me a message for more details!

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Giant Triangle debut

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