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someday I’ll be back but until then…

Haven't written since Entheos.

I've decided to pull myself free of it [as an organizer] even though I still love everyone. It is too challenging to live in Toronto and have so much time and focus on something faraway in BC.

Of course there are some things to deal with post-event and I'll oblige but more & more this feels like the right decision.

mural with cute bicycle girl, Toronto


oh Entheos

The Entheos Gathering has been a big part of my life for the past 6 years and this year was tragic and difficult, yet more heart opening than any experience in my life thus far.

I will endeavour to write up my own feelings about what happened soon.

Entheos community comes together in wake of homicide

With word starting to get around, the organizers wanted the veterans in the scene to know the facts, to help maintain calm. This had been a very relaxing, peaceful festival up until that point. I hadn't seen any acts of aggression. Throughout the weekend, I only saw people love, laugh and live together. Old friends reunited, strangers played games with each other, dozens of children and dogs ran free. They ate, drank, meditated, learned and celebrated openly yet consciously. They covered themselves in colours, danced in the rain and laughed at lightning. It was beautiful.

you're so beautifulll