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just because I haven’t posted in awhile…

General personal update:

I'm working at a job that I like and am well-suited for but the pay isn't great. It's enough, but only because I don't have kids, a mortgage, pets, cable TV, or a car. I'm on contract until August & expect to be renewed but would prefer to be offered a "permanent" job at a more fair salary but time will tell.

I'm still playing drums in Giant Triangle and I am itching to play live gigs. We've just added a new member (again) and I'm hoping it will come together soon. Whatever happens with that, improving my drum skills is a major source of joy in my life.

I still think about BC a lot, but feel like I'm supposed to be in Toronto right now. I've got to love it while I'm here! I am however looking forward to a brief visit to the West for Entheos in a few short weeks.

I'm still working on my novel and I will finish it, though I confess that I generally find writing to be a grind. That said, I'm happy with how the story is going and if I don't pay attention to it for awhile the characters start haunting my dreams.

Otherwise, I'm glad it's finally warm outside and I'll be out exploring on my bicycle as much as possible until the snow comes again.

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