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under the electric wires

Last Friday it was a nice afternoon and my company is smart enough to give everyone a half day at the end of week, so at the end of the day I decided to see how far I could walk towards home before getting tired.

I explored the paved "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" trail, part of Toronto's network of bike routes. I didn't encounter anyone else along the way (on a winter's day.)

"Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

old factory, "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

"Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

pretty bike racks, "Gatineau Hydro Corridor" Trail, Toronto (Scarborough)

yin yang intersection, Scarborough

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  1. How far did you end up going?

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