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an old approach, anew

Attempts to write while in transit have not worked out.  I didn't want to stare @ screens any more than I do already.  9-5 I'm a data processing machine.  How:ever getting back to pen and paper is working (creativity increase also.)


there goes my hero

A great quote from Dave Grohl about the experience of hearing the B52s on Saturday Night Live in 1980, at the age of 11.

I remember that moment like some people remember the Kennedy assassination. When the B-52s played "Rock Lobster," honestly, that moment changed my life. The importance and impact of that on me was huge. That people that were so strange could play this music that sounded so foreign to me and for it to be so moving... growing up in suburban Virginia, I had never even imagined something so bizarre was possible. It made me want to be weird. It just immediately made me want to give everyone the middle finger and be like, "Fuck you, I wanna be like that! - from This is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl

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boom boom


Just Breathe (newest song)

a lo-fi bedroom recording of my latest song


alleyway art

Seen in the Annex:

alleyway art 1 of 3

alleyway art 2 of 3

alleyway art 3 of 3

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drum circle love

He said, Would they tell us if an asteroid were going to hit? Probably not, so we better rock tonight as if this is it.