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cute snowman

Wintertime is sometimes also quite fun...

Happy High Park Snowman, Toronto

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still Winter

I've gotten used to needing a warm hat every day (or as Canadians call it, a toque) because it's been cold for MONTHS.

Spring is coming. I'm ready.

Don River, Toronto

Don Valley Trail, Toronto

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ducks on ice

Went for a nice photo safari walk up the Don River this afternoon.

Usually the area south of Riverdale Park isn't the nicest part of the trail (the noisy Don Valley Parkway is right on the other side) but today I enjoyed seeing this little duck party.

Duck Party on Ice, Don River, Toronto

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Someone sent me a message that my "text is running off the screen" but for me everything looks OK.

Anyone else having this issue when reading this site?


the old fashioned way (sheet music) in a new way

I transcribed my song into sheet music and am feeling happy about how it turned out. I also feel happy that my brain cooperated with a transcription project (and I even enjoyed doing it.)

The preview below doesn't have perfect resolution, but the printouts are quite nice.

Special thanks to the free music notation software MuseScore.


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