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Toronto is more relaxed East of the Don River

After work today, I got off the bus at the Taylor Creek Ravine at Glenwood Crescent to explore what nature I could for a little while.

It's fully Winter and blue evening twilight reflected off of the snow and the frozen creek, cracked with ice and its narrow winter flow. I walked through the trees, down a snowy path, and over a small footbridge to the main ravine pathway. I walked for about 20 minutes, enjoying the peacefulness, the hum of traffic still audible but still far more quiet than in other seasons.

My main thought patterns were around writing. Should I abandon the novel and focus on something else? I was already 200 pages into it but had been stalled on making progress for over a month. I cleared my mind as best I could and enjoyed the beauty of the Eastern forest mostly full of leafless deciduous trees.

The pathway started to get icier and cracks almost a foot deep down to the pavement appeared. A small voice in my head told me to turn back, which I heeded because it was also starting to get dark.

I turned around and after only a few steps, I saw a fox in the shadows who seemed to be curious about me but kept his distance and slinked away. Seeing him felt like a good omen.

I hiked up the nearest exit, not the same one I had entered the ravine from, though I wasn't sure exactly where I would end up. I know that in Toronto all buses get to the subway and I'd be fine, plus I like random exploring. It's also safe to walk almost anywhere in Toronto, which is amazing for a city this big.

I walked through a neighbourhood and came around a curve past a big building. I wondered what the building was, and after a few more feet realized it was the hospital near Coxwell Station and the road I was walking on was EXACTLY where I had left off in my novel where Zach and April have their first kiss! A flood of love and inspiration for the book came back, a mystical moment, creatively speaking. Clues about what happens next in the story revealed themselves.

I had never walked on that street before, I chose that hospital in the story because I had a dirty joke about "getting off at Cock-swell Station" I wanted to include in the text. The plan was to have the characters go to April's workplace to pick up her paycheque, so I got out a map and looked for a place near there (mostly a residential area) where she could have been employed. I'd never actually seen it before.

“So, do you need help finding somewhere?” April asked. “Do you need directions or guidance?”

“I’m just wandering,” said Zach. “Looking for you, I suppose.”

“Mission accomplished then,” she replied. “You could follow me to my next destination, if you wanted to.”

She smiled, beaming. They both knew the answer was an enthusiastic, if unspoken “Yes!”

The train stopped again. “Now arriving at Wellesley, Wellesley Station,” said the recorded voice. It was becoming crowded.

“Where are you headed?” he asked.

“I transfer at Bloor, then head East, then I get off at Coxwell,” she said. “Want to come?”

Zach’s face flushed red. He looked around the subway car as the train zoomed along. No one seemed to have heard what she said.

“You want me to come get off with you at Cock-swell?” he asked her quietly.

April gasped.

“Coxwell Station!” she said.

“Wow,” he replied. “Sorry I got excited there for a moment, I’m not from here. I don’t know the station names.”

“I totally didn’t mean to do that,” she pleaded. “Seriously.”

Zach laughed loudly. 

“Glad you think it’s funny,” she said.

April giggled for a moment, then took a deep breath and quieted herself down. The other people on the train continued to ignore them.

“So will you come get off at Coxwell with me?” she asked, looking him in the eye while attempting to be straight-faced but obviously smirking.

Zach sat silently examining her face for a moment, as her smirk morphed into a gentle smile.

The train stopped again. “Now arriving at Bloor, Bloor Station,” said the recorded voice.

April jumped to her feet, still holding Zach’s hand. The doors opened.

“This is my transfer station,” she said. “Follow me, if you’re coming that is.”

Zach followed her lead and they walked hand in hand through the doorway a microsecond before the doors closed.

“Yeah, OK,” he said, elated, standing on the platform as the train left the station. “Of course."


“See You” (A love song for British Columbia)

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at home (for now)

I've decided I want to "make it" financially so I can help create the sustainable community I want to see happen someday and it seems clear this means I need to be in Toronto right now.

It's mostly awesome, so no worries.

Parkdale Mural, Toronto


heart work

I finished a new song!

Feels good to complete this particular creative expression.

I will practice with it for a few days more then post a video here.


a sweet snowy Saturday

It's so pretty here, covered in snow.

I went for a walk today along the West Toronto Railpath. It's industrial and a bit grungy, but the big building on the right is a chocolate factory and it smelled super nice this sunny afternoon.

I don't mind hiking along the railroad tracks. I think trains are beautiful.


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city phase

our urban structures
seem to be
a house of cards

a million scenarios can be imagined
where society tumbles

and though sometimes
I'd rather be hiding in the woods
with my "tribe"
I need some cash first
to set us up right
(somebody's got to do it)

I have faith I'll be guided back
just in time

just maybe
it turns out OK
even for the city dwellers
there's no need to worry
at all

exiting the ravine

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reasons to be glad

Here's today's message from one of my favourite mailng lists, Notes From the Universe by Mike Dooley (which I've subscribed to for years.)

Today it covers a very important (and transformative) concept...

----- Original message -----
From: "The Universe"
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 03:28:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TUT... A Note from the Universe

I know it seems that your emotions arise from circumstances, even though it works the other way around. And this is kind of scary because sometimes they literally seem to overrun you.

But I also know that most of the time they don't, which is all the leverage you need.

Just feel good when you can; it'll always be enough.

Can you feel me, now?
The Universe


transformed by a strong wind from the North

arriving like an unpredicted weather system
washing away so much silt
a Divine reminder of how to be pure hearted presence
(and a veritable chakra shake up)
as the calendar turns
I am New

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