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Happy Holidays 2010

A short holiday video I made with my low rez camera walking around Toronto today, with my Autoharp version of White Christmas on top.

Happy Holidays!

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taking notes at an important media conference

Most of the people at a recent media conference I attended were twiddling with their phones.

I was perhaps the only person using old fashioned pen and paper to take notes.

As you can see the conference was very interesting...

"The Future"


“Shadow Dance” (new flute track)

This is a little rough (I decided to leave the breathing sounds in) but it's a start towards exploring harmonies more.

"Shadow Dance" took about 2 hours to make, and I'm still learning the technology side of things.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with the process and going a little deeper into the flute headspace while I have a break from work over the holidays.

Shadow Dance by margonaut

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unplugging for awhile

taking a break from the blog
(to go analog)

Taylor Creek Park Ravine Trail

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perfect poem

found this online via Twitter:

by son rivers

i am nothing
but light

into thought
creating laws
with which

its universe
obeys allowing
order for

the thing
it really


musing on mountains

Once upon a time

I followed the fairies into the forest

forgot the physical

melted into meta

learned a new Way

integrating into a world of sensitive souls



(time's up)

Now I walk here

again the urban elf

on a mission

emissary to the East

learning and earning

(and honestly, having a lot of fun)

yet preparing

for the abundant eventual homecoming

(just in time)

gateway to "Why Not?"

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