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moving on to December

So I "won" NaNoWriMo and now I have a half-draft of a novel.

Stay tuned, in a few months it should be finished.

Now onto new blog topics...


50K before Dec 1?

I'm in the NaNoWriMo homestretch!

There's something about these group writing marathons that pushes me, maybe it's the collective energy of it, or just some kind of competitive nature (likely a bit of both.)

There will be a lot of editing after this, but I really want to "win" the word count goal.


I know not everyone likes country music…

I am still playing flute and still centred on what's important... anyone worried that I'm going off track can relax.

I am feeling more in tune with guidance than ever and balanced in my buffoonery!


don’t know what chemtrails really are, but there sure are more of them lately

So my camera broke today... the LCD screen on the back died. I can still take pictures but I can't predict what they'll look like beforehand, since there's no viewfinder.

Have decided to upgrade after I successfully complete NaNoWriMo...

Chemtrails over Christie Pits, Toronto

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impressed by poetry

A few examples of others' photos featuring yesterday's stencil can be seen here !

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“honesty is the best poetry”

Saw this stencilled on the sidewalk a few times, then found the stencil itself nailed to a post...

sign in Toronto

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Tuning up in Toronto

This is what I did this morning...

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Autumn in Toronto

I a little behind in my Nanowrimo project and I need to get focused on it, so today I'll just post another CN Tower photo.

CN Tower from Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

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the story begins

After day one of NanoWriMo 2010...