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developing a new skillset

I'm learning about filmmaking by volunteering on a project I got connected to after joining the Toronto Filmmakers Club (soon to be "Association" instead.)

I spent most of the day working the boom mic (fun!)

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My brain is focused on getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

So many ideas...

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electricity in the air

Many of Toronto's major intersections are crisscrossed by streetcar wires....

Streetcar wires at Queen and Spadina, Toronto

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shelter from the storm

I uploaded a 14:47 minute track of flute over the sound of a storm, the concept is that the flutist has found a nice cave to hide out in.

Safe From the Rain by margonaut

I used an open source sound for the storm sounds (By daveincamas ( and made a few CDs of the tracks I've got up at Soundcloud with a cover I made from an image licensed under Creative Commons (by Canon in 2D on Flickr!

I can mail out copies of the CD if anyone wants, but all the tracks are downloadable....

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holey white van

A vignette from my evening at the massive all-night street art festival Nuit Blanche on Saturday.

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Soundcloud Cluster

Today, I'm uploading some of my flute music to Soundcloud, if you're interested in hearing it.

Gibsons Morning on Kelly Road by margonaut

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