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speaking of 5-year plans…

I move
in faith
my guidance is taking me on the highest plan possible
for this lifetime
(and henceforth)

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this is me drumming

A teaser of the country project:

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I heart trees

I appreciate greenery
wherever I find it

pedestrian underpass, Toronto

pedestrian underpass mural, toronto

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to explore what is behind the cartoon

This is a brilliant use of Xtranormal, a site that allows one to make movies using animated characters and stilted computer-generated dialogue. This episode features wise words on the true nature of reality...


bicycles and blondes

Toronto is positively dripping with art....

mural on Portland Street, Toronto

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intention: to love my own guts

I'm taking part in a Naturopathic research study related to my digestive pain (oh how I dream of a time in the future where it does not plague me) and I'm happy that I'm getting a chance to help with some open-minded yet scientific research. There is a small financial bonus at the end (yay) but mostly I'm happy about the free high-end probiotics. Though there is a chance that I've been given a placebo, they'll give me the real stuff at the end if that's the case.

I am ready to be healthy!!


enjoy it

evanescent everything
(sand sculptures)
as all atoms are
scattered someday

Sand Snail

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