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faith restored

This morning I decided to visit a Unitarian church in Toronto. I grew up going to a UU church in Cincinnati, and I attribute much of my intellect to being brought up in an open minded tradition. I thought it might be a good place to meet some kind, thoughtful people.

The old joke that Unitarianism is "church lite" (half the ceremony, none of the guilt) came to mind during the sermon. The young, articulate, female minister discussed how many UU people are uncomfortable with the word God and other traditional religious language, while others simply choose to let it represent something other than the (sometimes repressive) "traditional" meanings. She even joked about getting rid of the word church and calling it a club.

One of the hymns chosen had the word God in it, and the minister said most congregations generally avoid singing those. I'm glad they chose to include it today, because one phrase from the hymn became a mantra for me today, which pulled me through a very emotionally lonely weekend:


I'm not sure if I'll go back (I like a LOT more music in a church service) but I'm grateful I attended today.

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  1. I’ve gone from UU to Orthodox Christian where in our Antiochian church in Memphis there is beautiful singing by a great choir, chanter and congregation. Russian, Serbian, Coptic, Arabic, Greek, …. church music. Since I am a singer not a musicaian this suits me.
    Love, Momm

  2. Hello!
    I just discovered your blog today by sheer dumb luck (I was looking for a horseshoe print in Google Images, of all things!!), and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been struggling with depression for a year now, and yesterday when I thought I was finally back in the light, I had a (hopefully short lived) relapse. Going through some of your blog’s articles this morning was just about the best medicine I could ever have hoped to get. I am leaving this tag open to go to it every time my renowned optimism is tempted to leave me, to remember how wonderful the world and the humans on it are. Thank you so much for all the time and love you are putting in collecting those pieces of positivism! <3

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