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My friend Dawn is an amazing juggler and specializes in contact juggling, which involves rolling the ball around on one's body, moving around the ball while it appears to be still, and other tricks. I've seen her grow and develop her art over the last 6 or 7 years and what she can do came from many many many hours of practice.

She's pretty angry about commercials for the Fushigi ball, which are currently airing on television. It shows people contact juggling an acrylic ball with a metal centre and makes it appear as if the ball has magical qualities which allow anyone to do these tricks instantly.

The commercial is ridiculous (cheese-tarded might be a better term) and reminds me of the Happy Fun Ball from 1990's Saturday Night Live.

Here's her cute and funny video responding to the thing:

Hopefully this will end up being good publicity for her.

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  1. love her!!

  2. She makes an excellent spokesmodel.

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