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A few pictures from Sobey of the main stage, also known as the Entheos Lightship!




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feels like home

I'm back in BC visiting and just had the time of my life (so far) at the Entheos Gathering.

Unfortunately, I can't find my camera cable, so posting pictures will have to wait until I get back to Toronto...


bricks and water

Recently, I went to the Leslie Spit with a a friend who takes great photos, a few of which I've shared below.

I've posted about this wonderful spot several times. It's been used for many years as a dump for construction materials and on the weekends it's a weird but beautiful park with vast beaches of brick, tile, and glass worn smooth by Lake Ontario.


Rubble as far as the eye can see

J. Price Brick

Blue Feet 3

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recommended reading for film & media types

An article about how media and the media business is changing in today's society from the brilliant & consciousness evolving Reality Sandwich...

The War for Control of the Story

In the new model that is still emerging, the creative energy of the filmmakers no longer ends with the completion of the film, but continues to be drawn upon for the entire life cycle of the project. The distribution and marketing of the film become a direct extension of the process of making it, and the creativity extends to every aspect of promoting, marketing, packaging, distributing, and showing it. On one side, this means that the artist can no longer be naive about business, or distanced from it, and hope to survive.

While artists have to become business savvy, on the other side, the business people have to become more like artists, sorting through all sorts of radical possibilities that didn't even exist a few years ago. In the film world and other cultural areas, business is becoming more like art, and art is becoming more inseparable from business. Art purists may feel this is a bad thing; although it is a bit exhausting for the creative person who might like to retreat to his studio, I like these new developments and find them promising as well as exciting.

We are in a new kind of Renaissance - a creative entrepreneurial gold rush. These days, at least half of the musicians and directors I meet seem to be developing "technology plays," new software systems and mechanisms for creating revenue and making their projects stand out in a blizzard of seemingly infinite options. The entire situation is maddening in it's intricate convoluted complexity, but also fascinating. In the breakdown of the old models, media has become incredibly liquid, like mercury that runs everywhere and can coagulate into any form, at least momentarily, before it flows away again.

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harbour cruise

It's a beautiful time of year (& time in history) to be exploring Toronto...

Toronto sailboat with windmill

Toronto from the water

Wayward Princess in Toronto

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party like it’s 1996

Found this picture of me at a pub in London in 1996.

I don't go about it the same way anymore perhaps, but I still know how to have fun :)



flowing forward

I've got a good routine of work and rehearsals right now, am riding my bike a lot, and hanging out with a charming new gentleman friend. I'm loving the hum of Toronto and getting out of town sometimes for a bit of nature too.

I'll also be visiting BC for Entheos etc. in a few weeks!

It looks as if I'm in for a good summer!