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So a few weeks ago, I sent the screenplay to two different contests, each of which promised to provide feedback. I received it from both this morning.

One of the contests obviously didn't read past the first 10 pages, while the other actually provided some useful feedback.

I'm done with contests, but I'm going to continue sending the thing around to real people. I'm still optimistic I can go somewhere with it, and last week I got a tingly feeling when I walked into a The Baitshop, a skate shoe store and more (photos) in the neighbourhood that would be a perfect location for Bryce's shop.

The same thing happened a few weeks ago at The Music Gallery, a converted church used for concerts and events. I had finished writing a few days earlier, and felt as if I was sitting inside what I had just created. The performer I saw there even said something about "emanate, elevate" like my female lead.

So, I carry on.

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  1. You are success.

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