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here’s the script!

Here's a link to the full script and a short "elevator pitch" about it. Set aside an hour or so if you want to read it!

& tell your friends in Hollywood ;)


I did it!

I just typed THE END at the end of the first draft of my 116 page script. This means I am a "winner" of the 2010 Scriptfrenzy.

I'll share the full text here soon, however now it is time to celebrate!



pep talk #4

The latest Writer Pep Talk from the Scriptfrenzy folks is awesome and it helped me a lot today.

You are creative and interesting, and this idea got your attention. It was worthy of your time and love at the start of April and, like all deep relationships, needs you to stick with it even when it gets tricky.
Unexpected connections and paths will start emerging, and the spark that hooked you in the beginning will turn into a light, then a rip-roaring fire of a story. For that to happen, you must continue to give it your time, energy, and creativity.
This is not the time to give up.
Pinky swear that you'll keep going.
I'll take your continued reading as a 'yes.'
Make it up. There is no sound is space, hobbits aren't real, and there is no evidence that a long, long time ago Jedis fought the Empire. The best part about writing fiction is that these facts don't impact an audiences' willingness (and often eagerness) to believe in them. Make up your own version Superbowl or Academy Awards if your story needs it. You're already making up people and time, so don't get bogged down in what the world already knows about or what might technically be accurate. If you say something is so, the audience will believe that it is so in your world.



keep moving

My favourite quote from the book Save the Cat, the Last Screenwriting Book You'll Need is, "statis is death."



feeling it

After many many many hours of meditation (of various forms) I've learned how to handle a lot of emotional energy. I've also become a lot more aware, and a lot more connected.

That said, it feels like the stronger I get, the more I am asked to endure.

I've given up figuring out "why" I just do my best to harmonize whatever it is (wherever it may be coming from in the ethers.)

/glad to be of service



green shoes and bicycles

I'm up to 74 pages in my script at the time of this post, and I'm going to stay up and work some more tonight. The goal of Script Frenzy is to write 100 pages in one month, by the end of April.

I'm surprised at how the story is unfolding, and how much I'm coming to care about the characters...






The screenplay took an unexpected turn the other day, when a character I introduced for comedic effect turned out to be the female lead. I scrapped my outline and am rolling with it. It's going well. At this moment I've written 67 pages!

The comedy aspect of it is going to be less over the top silly and more about the eccentric characters, much like one of my favourites, the semi-obscure librarian-themed Party Girl.


spray it don’t say it

Those who read this blog know how much I like taking pictures of murals and graffiti. Here's two more in Toronto:

East End:
Cabbagetown, Toronto

West End:
Parkdale Mural, Toronto

Click on the image, then the "all sizes" links for more detail.

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writing is key

I'm enjoying being focused on the screenplay, and it's fun to log into the Script Frenzy site to network with other writers (and update my page count statistics.) The idea is to get to 100 pages by the end of the month.

Here's where I am today:


And the brief version of what it's about...

An idealistic environmental activist has the perfect job working for a "Green Marketing" firm and is dating the perfect girl. After being hit by lightning in a freak storm, he gains the ability to read minds and finds out not everything is as perfect as it seems.


you’re “carbon neutral”? So what!?

Part of the story I'm working on involves a character (I changed his name to Colin) who works for a "Green Marketing" company. He soon learns his employers are not so eco-friendly and mostly interested in the other kind of green, money.

Tonight I am researching "carbon credits" and found this story.

The great carbon credit con: Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment?

In the fields around this giant chemicals factory in Gujarat, the barren soil smells of paint stripper and the water from the well makes you gag. So why has it been given tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer-funded UN ‘green reward points’, which are traded hungrily on the financial markets at huge profit?
Companies that cut their emissions gain credits. If, on the other hand, they exceed their quotas, they have to acquire credits. The credits are traded on markets such as the ECX and have become such an established part of the financial world that trading involves Europe’s biggest banks, including RBS and Barclays. Until the global slowdown, carbon was one of the most profitable ‘commodities’, nearly doubling in value between 2007 and 2008.