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random cuteness

I love this image.


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moved in

Here are a few shots of my new home, still mostly empty but with lots of possibility!

new apartment, before furniture

empty apartment, bay window


afternoon light

door detail


important food news

pancakes are now available in a can

and they're organic


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street wisdom

Toronto is so full of life and colour, if you know where to look....

Queen West Graffiti, Toronto

Queen West Graffiti, Toronto DETAIL


keeping the promises to ours-Elves

my flow shifted the day
I changed my focus from being all about my local "tribe" to wanting to serve the world in general
new angles
new angels
here I am Now
back in the big city
feeling energized by it all
each moment a mission
I know I'll see
the crystal mountain

Seagull from a BC Ferry

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staying put for a few

I found a place to rent in Toronto and will be moving in at the end of the month. There is a possibility that someday I'll go back West (or perhaps elsewhere) but for now it feels great to be here again. Unlike many cities around the world, a woman can walk almost everywhere in Toronto 24/7 and still feel safe. There's extensive multiculturalism and comparitively very little racism.

I'm reconnecting with old friends and loving the potentiality of meeting so many new ones.

I'm especially looking forward to the return of bicycle season...

late afternoon bicycle shadow, Cherry Beach


Toronto Skyline at Sunrise with Winter Steam

I have been very lucky to have nice places to stay while in transition! Here's the view from my current abode, taken early in the morning from the 23rd floor, and sped up:

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positive results start with a positive attitude

The main points from a document I like very very much:

Principles of Spiritual Activism

1. Love those with whom we are in conflict. This is a real challenge for most of us.

2. We are all spiritual beings. See the image of God in everyone.

3. We are all connected and part of the web of life.

4. We can pray. Prayer is powerful and effective and should precede all actions.

5. We are conscious beings and are part of a collective universal consciousness. As such, our positive thoughts and intentions can have a beneficial impact on all life forms.

6. Shift our motivation for action from anger to love.

7. Be aware of any negative thinking on our part. Be alert for fearful or angry images which arise in our consciousness. We have a choice. We can let negative thoughts rule us and our behavior or we can replace these thoughts with more positive images.

9. To promote peace, we need to become peaceful ourselves. Meditating can help us develop peace and learn to live more in a state of love.

10. Develop a non-attachment to outcome. Buddhists believe this is the path out of suffering.

11. Let go of the need to be right and in control. Be open to all possibilities.

12. When involved in a dispute, focus on the issues rather than attacking the opposition.

13. We should not isolate ourselves from the pain and suffering of the world. As we let the pain in, we become transformed, compassionate and motivated to action.

14. God created life and we are intelligent beings capable of creative genius. We can co-create, with God, a better future.

15. Peaceful, non-violent direct action is an appropriate way to demonstrate our protest to harmful, unjust laws or practices.

16. We are all One with God, each other and all life. In this oneness, may we love one another and be of service.


pertinent words

Today I'm thinking of two quotes. One is from my mother, and one is from a friend....

In life, err on the side of joy and adventure. - Priscilla Neale

It's a miracle we've made it this far. - Gabriel Lightheart

Rabbit Tracks


staying in Ontario for now

My life is full of unknowns, however I have decided one thing: I'm currently planning to stick around in Ontario for awhile, especially because I want to be near the band.

We practice in Mississauga, so I'm looking for work within the zone where I can still get to rehearsals, likely in Toronto.

That said, I am open to alternative awesome occurences.

Green Room Alley, Toronto

Is it possible for you to embrace uncertainty, and not demand that you should know what is going to happen to you in your life situation? --Eckhart Tolle

Frozen Creek