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going Rock and Roll for awhile

something ventured
something lost
something else entirely gained




When we truly embrace and embody the concepts of both Nonduality and unconditional Love, we must practice them in each moment.

This means that we Love every aspect of ourselves, everyone else, and every situation as part of the grand Oneness of everything.

To do so reflects an all abiding Faith that everything is in divine order and a knowledge that everything is working out perfectly right Now!

With practice, you can live in Love with everything no matter how things appear to be.

downtown James St. b4 Christmas


my first ambient mix

very downtempo music




I put out a Craigslist ad hoping to get a chance to play some drums.

A few weeks later, I'm in a new band.

There are reasons the Universe dragged me here by the heartstrings...

practice space


life happens for you not to you

From the wonderful book Lessons from the Source:

Nothing can happen to you that is not for your highest good. Make this into an affirmation that works well for you and use it repeatedly. This is a particularly difficult concept to embrace, especially when you are faced with loss or grief or disappointment. But remember that you have chosen this lifetime for its lessons, and you cannot be aware of all of those lessons while you are learning them. Remember also that loss and grief and disappointment are concepts generated by human consciousness out of its lack of understanding of the "big picture."



here here

I'm at the point Now where I'm confident that things are going as they should
though this phase may not be the most enjoyable in the grand scheme of things
this too I Love
and I know
it's key

hermitage window



Last night I met up with a guitarist and bass player looking for a drummer. I jammed with them & it felt good to reactivate that part of my life. Energetically, I need it.