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music from another realm

Neto's Aquatikon is is the first release from the new mid-tempo electronica label Omnitropic.

I find it highly original and compelling. It's a free, legal download.




wordless poetry

not much to say today


on living artfully in the illusion while seeing it as such

I was just on a Skype conference call with a "spiritual teacher" and got kicked off for asking too many questions! Perhaps he is looking for followers rather than students...

He kept saying that 3D reality "does not exist" and that this "flesh suit," taxes & policemen, etc. are "bullshit" that someone spiritual shouldn't have to deal with.

I questioned him about whether it was worth learning how to master the 3D realm & got kicked off!

In my view, to truly be spiritual is to love this realm & endeavour to do our best to learn how to move within it as Love (as opposed to denying/hating on 3D because its density seems unpleasant in comparison to the ecstacy of eternity!)

I once met a Buddha who was working in a convenience store on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. He spread the light just be-ing present in the World. Though guru types have their place too, these humble teachers are hugely influential.

Though being in a cosmic headspace, dialed into the greatness of the Universe, etc. is a nice place to be if you can get there it doesn't mean we should shirk our experience here as pointless. We are here for a reason. Perhaps we even have important work to do (whether it's recognized as such by "others" or not!)



where to live?

From David Suzuki's awesome Nature Challenge, which offers ways to reduce one's ecological "footprint" on the Earth:

Live close to work

Choose a home within 30 minutes walk, bike or transit to daily destinations

Living close to work, school and shopping reduces time spent driving and frees up time for you to spend on things you care about. Buying a home in a new subdivision often contributes to urban sprawl and the destruction of valuable farm and wild lands.

Essential Facts:

* It’s been estimated that the average person spends 32 hours a month driving and 27 hours a month paying for their car use.

* Locating close to work, school and shopping reduces time spent in your automobile, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

* Keeping development within existing urban areas protects valuable agricultural land and wildlife habitat.


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heart breaking (open)


we are all drawn to each other
by mysterious forces
in this tribe

we were all born
to help Earth ascend
we feel it
we know it

media kidz!
how we love each other

sexy, romantic characters
sometimes we’re drawn to connect deeply
(heart and flesh)
then not

it’s the biological imperative

feel its vicissitudes
(be present in your own drama)

it's the fastest way to evolve
after all

let it come and go
enjoy it
cry about it
with passion

holistically unattached to how it appears
(love is all-ways here)

the work must go on


willing to work

a link to my LinkedIn profile and a screenshot as it appeared today

I am also very open to work that could be done remotely


I am currently seeking a full-time job in Southern Ontario. I am trained librarian with extensive Internet skillls, and would also make an excellent content manager, technical teacher, digital archivist, or a technologically savvy super secretary.


  • computer expert – proficient in most PC and Apple applications and able to assist others, Internet professional since 1995
  • finding information – online research and library skills
  • organizing information – filing, paperwork, and digital information management
  • communicating information – writing, giving presentations, and teaching
  • administration – typing, filing, writing, and reception
  • customer service – customer relations, retail sales, and technical assistance
  • 18Oct/090

    be real

    went on an amazing hike along the Bruce Trail today

    enjoyed the view & the wise graffiti

    view from "Mount Nemo" Ontario

    Be REAL

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    writings on the wall

    there is an edge here

    yet I feel safe

    graffiti wall

    graffiti detail

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    attitude of gratitude

    Canadian Thanksgiving!

    feeling grateful for all of it

    even the challenging bits

    this is a nice place I sat and played music yesterday afternoon... a beautiful warm fall day!

    Bayfront Park gazebo

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    poetry about job hunting

    preparing for a meeting tomorrow which may bring compelling career developments

    abiding in faith the right job will always appear in divine timing

    though I prepare still

    as making an effort is required


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