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I'm going back to the name Margaret and making changes in my online identity very soon.

Stay tuned, etc.

overlooking Dundas, Ontario


ready to fly



bold moves
to a
bigger realm
revealing potentialities
uncovering sensitivities
cultivating radical acceptance
& loving the heart of it

Queen & Bold

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I heart the Hammer

A still photo and a video of how pretty it was in Hamilton last night after the thunderstorms...

Pier 4 Park in Hamilton, Ontario

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bikes in Montreal

In Montreal they have a wonderful public bike sharing system. There is something beautiful about seeing this sort of thing in the street!

rental bike vending in Montreal

beautiful rental bikes in Montreal

Click on the pictures above then "all sizes" for higher resolution versions.

Bixi system
BIXI is the new bikestyle, truly a means of transport unto itself. It's the bike you take whenever you want and leave behind when you reach your destination. It's BIXI - now you've got wheels.

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race."" - H.G. Wells

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one more day!

I've been driving since Monday morning and have just one more day until I'm at my new home! I've had a great adventure which I will write about more when I've landed.

Tonight I decided to stay in a motel in Wawa, Ontario where I also had a spaghetti dinner at a nearby restaurant (which was suprisingly good!)

Wawa goose statue

Beaver Motel in Wawa

I had dinner here in Wawa

inside the Viking restaurant in Wawa

cleaned my plate

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idea: travel show with compelling couple?

next time I do this drive
I will be with you
we will bring better cameras
& linger in backroads hamlets
as the flow goes
along the way
this time
I shall hurry home
(enjoying the view)

symbolic sign



I am having a good time in Calgary! "Three days of rain rain rain and scary driving, then I cross into Calgary, turn on the Country music station and the sun comes out across gorgeous green hills, each car beside me splattering up real rainbows of mist WOW" (quoted from Facebook)

& unlike the night before, I had a comfy place to stay with awesome friends, though I had to share with these guys:

bert & ernie

I continue to update the photostream here.


sleeping on the road

Video travelog of the first night on the road in the move across Canada...


ferrying Home

I took the ferry to the mainland this morning and spent the day in Vancouver with awesome old friends.

The big driving starts tomorrow...

ferry 3


the journey begins…

My camera is working again and I will be capturing images of my journey Eastward here!

An image of the van (and boat!) I'll be driving across Canada:

purple van with boat