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logistics of Love

I am currently getting ready for my journey cross-Canada and it's really starting to sink in how long of a road trip this is. I'm looking at six solid days of driving and am pondering where I'll stop. I'm exploring the options on, a website where people offer strangers a place to sleep for free. Many of my friends have had good experiences with it and I've found three people who seem like they would be safe bets. I'm a good houseguest (I do dishes and buy beer if desired!)

I've been preparing for awhile to make a jump to somewhere... now it's actually happening. Can you imagine deciding to move and getting it all together within just over a week? I am definitely not living a "normal" life :)

I hope to be able to log in and blog along the way, as I'm sure this will be an amazing adventure.



manifesting wheels

On a bus ride Sunday going back to Victoria after a fine romantic weekend up-Island, I pondered the logistics of moving East & thought to myself that the most ideal situation would be to have an opportunity to drive a vehicle that needed to be relocated one way for someone as I do not have very much "stuff" and would very much enjoy the adventure of a cross country trip (& I love to drive!) I decided to look into contacting rental companies, etc. once I got back to my computer.

When the bus arrived in Victoria, I decided to get off at the hostel stop rather than at the bus station so that I could use the washroom. On the bulletin board there was a notice that there was a car that needed to be moved from Victoria to Toronto ASAP.

Looks like (God willing) I'm leaving on Saturday for an epic adventure! This synchronicity seems reassuring somehow...



love story (short version)

  • girl writes blog
  • boy reads blog
  • boy hires girl to do research
  • years pass
  • boy arranges to meet girl for coffee while visiting her area (with no expectations)
  • boy & girl hit it off and it becomes obvious they are to spend some serious time together Now
  • girl begins planning to migrate Eastward (coincidentally, he lives where she has many loving friends)
  • girl writes point form update on her blog & keeps her romantic life private ever after

another accurate oracle reading

A few months ago I did an oracle reading using a variety of Doreen Virtue's card sets with friends. I'm especially fond of the Ascended Masters deck.

These were the concepts that came up as important, which seems perfect Now in terms of the way my life story is going in terms of geography, health, relationships, and feeling really really good!


trust your intuition
make music
miracle healing
kick up your heels
new location
body movement


instant rapport

Based on personal experience of this past weekend, it can be very much worth taking the opportunity to go meet someone you from the Internet who is visiting the area you're residing in. You may just make a new friend who is far more awesome than expected!


my vote for the best description of the essence of meditation

From the awesome Zenhabits site:

Be Still
Take a moment to think about how you spend your days — at work, after work, getting ready for work, evenings and weekends. Are you constantly rushing around? Are you constantly reading and answering messages, checking on the news and the latest stream of information? Are you always trying to Get Lots of Things Done, ticking off tasks from your list like a machine, rushing through your schedule?

Is this how you want to spend your life?

If so, peace be with you. If not, take a moment to be still. Don’t think about what you have to do, or what you’ve done already. Just be in the moment.

Then after a minute or two of doing that, contemplate your life, and how you’d like it to be. See your life with less movement, less doing, less rushing. See it with more stillness, more contemplation, more peace.

Then be that vision.

It’s pretty simple, actually: all you have to do is sit still for a little bit each day. Once you’ve gotten used to that, try doing less each day. Breathe when you feel yourself moving too fast. Slow down. Be present. Find happiness now, in this moment, instead of waiting for it.

Savor the stillness. It’s a treasure, and it’s available to us, always.



a day in the inbetween

Sitting in the atrium of the public library putting my resume into an envelope to hand-deliver to the administration office (they don't accept resumes by email, which seems so old fashioned.) Played flute for awhile mostly to hear myself echo and to create a bubble of peace, made $1 and put it towards a delicious gigantic green icecream drink (my drug of choice this summer.) Enjoying the delights of city life in Victoria... food, beautiful people, wafts of scent from gardens, and all the amenities of city life in a softer, gentler way than any other city I've seen.

Activating a freelance business idea to teach computer skills to women while still sending out resumes, some further afield, so far all still in beautiful BC. Thoughts that I'd be better off with a faculty job in the interior somewhere come up... maybe I'll meet a cowboy there and find a nice ranch to live on & settle down before the big earthquakes come and rattle the reality of urban comfort and joy. Perhaps these apocalyptic thoughts are really just the egg attempting to get me to follow the biological imperative and not in my best interest. I know that whatever is right is what will happen so I relax about it and carry on.

As each moment comes and goes I seem to know what to do. Long-term "wants" are more general... happiness, to be of service, and to abide in joyful infinity as much as possible. In 10 years will I be a hip spinster (still hot) librarian cycling around this lovely garden city, a beloved babymama out in the country, or something completely different?

In knowing that my prayers to have what would be in highest alignment with earth ascension and the highest joy are answered and coming true, I decide to simply enjoy this day during this golden era, online & under a tree.


one singular sensation

I went for a walk this evening feeling like I needed to go sing outside, so I took the Autoharp over to the Uvic campus. Got lost and went the long way around to the student union since I wanted a hot chocolate first. There were many people milling around there which seemed odd for a Monday in the Summertime, turned out I had arrived just in time for a movie. Decided to go in without knowing what film was being shown. Perhaps it was synchronous that I did a bit of lost wandering!

They were showing Every Little Step which documented the process of auditioning (literally) thousands of people for a revival of A Chorus Line in New York City, which is a show about the life of Broadway performers. This movie was a show about Broadway performers auditioning for a show about Broadway performers.

I never got to sing anything this evening, however I got a little bit of perspective on my own job search & am Now I'm feeling like auditioning for something offoffoffoff Broadway...

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the modern grapevine

A friend has disappeared at a music festival this weekend, likely while swimming in the Ocean.

There is celphone access at the event and someone there posted details via Facebook. It's amazing to see how fast the news has spread & the outpouring of love & prayers.

May we all remember to love the people in our lives NOW while they're with us, and to "swim with a buddy" when going ambitious distances and/or where there's an undertow.

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hopping to it

Today I was starting to fall into old patterns of negative thinking and decided I needed to go for a walk. I am currently living near the University of Victoria and enjoy exploring the campus, partially because of the oodles of rabbits hopping around on the grounds. There are babies everywhere and though I'm sure they're a problem in some ways, oh my oh my are they ever CUTE. It is hard to feel sad when there are bunnies around.

On this walk, a feeling of divine encouragement that a new life is indeed underway for me here came through, along with a message to have patience, let go of money fears, and to focus more on writing.

I kept walking in a new direction and ended up at Cadboro Bay Beach which I'd never been to, and I was very happy to realize the beauty of the Pacific Ocean is still close at hand.

I've started over several times in my life however never with so much uncertainty. There's something invigorating about it and I'm feeling more interested and engaged in my own life than I have been in years. Though there may be uncertainty, I am safe, I am lucky, and I WILL succeed.