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getting to work

My plan for today had been to "get to work" on getting my career in order.

Last night I was spending time with an old friend from Toronto at a party who used to live in Victoria. When I told her where I'm living, she realized she was staying only 2 blocks away. I decided to postpone the workworkwork mentality for a morning and spend some time with her while I could.

My friend is an awesome juggler who performs on the street and we'd talked about busking together sometime. She took me to the city office for a permit and $10 later I was qualified to do the same.

We performed for about 45 minutes, made $16 and spent it on lunch. A bit later I played in the atrium of the Victoria Public Library (like the video from last year) and made another $10.

Perhaps there are better ways to make money, how-ever it was good to remember the importance of music. Whatever job I find (be it library work, Apple Computer work, or otherwise) must allow me to continue to develop my art...



awesome pictures of Entheos

Xander of Ektoplazm Records took awesome photographs of our Entheos Festival!

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blog entry seeded from handwritten journal entry 15 jun 2009

I packed my things into the big white van early last Thursday and came to Victoria. Two ferries and a drive along highway One on Vancouver Island later, I arrived @ the potential summer sublet (sight unseen, found via a friend of a friend on Facebook) and decided it would be fine. I left most of my stuff in the storage shed there, as it wouldn’t be available as a place to live until Sunday.

I had a few offers of places to park the van overnight in town, however I chose to drive up to Goldstream Provincial Park & get a campsite. It was one of those car camping places with little numbered lots and many RVs. Thursday night I pedaled around on my bike and it was quiet and enjoyable!

I woke up Friday super early with lots of "drama" thoughts -- nothing negative, just a lot about interpersonal things going on, logistics of the move, etc. & then I heard the birds! I immediately soaked into feeling one with Nature and remembering my pact to flow with the guidance of the holy spirit as best as possible. That amazing feeling of being cradled and supported by all of it! That moment has been an anchor point of this journey which I recall consciously whenever I want to re-calibrate how I’m feeling!

Friday I went hiking all day. Goldstream Park is gorgeous, with many 600-700 year old trees:

Friday evening, the campground was packed with people having their weekend get togethers, many drinking beer loudly and ignoring the fact that there were others only a few feet away. I got out my Ipod and made it a discipline to be peaceful about it. As I was tired from hiking and had earplugs I simply chose to sleep.

Saturday morning I hiked down to the gorgeous waterfall in the campgrounds at Goldstream, played the flute for awhile and jumped in (brrrrr cold yet so inviting and energetically refreshing....)

Saturday afternoon I chose to go back to Victoria so that I could attend a party. I drove to Fernwood and sat in the Cornerstone Cafe, catching up on the Internet and caffeinating myself. I connected via chat with a friend who invited me to park in front of their house and use their kitchen etc. as much as I wanted.

I had not visited that particular house before and it turned out to be very welcoming, with three friends from Entheos living there. It felt like such a welcoming committee.

In the afternoon I went on an errand walk to the music store. I came across a "garage sale" sign and found an amazing array of size 11 shoes, which was doubly wonderful because my size is so hard to find and since I’d emailed a friend about how challenging it was only a few hours earlier. "They’re my speciality," the clothing dealer said!

We all went to the Entheos pre-party at the Solstice Cafe that night, which was very small with fun trance music. It was a nice welcome where I got to dance and see more friends.

After the party I biked back to the house and the door was locked as I arrived first. I had a moment in the van where I got depressed & felt very alone. "Oh no, I live in a van, what am I doing??" I was overreacting of course, however it felt very dark in that moment.

I decided to wait on the front step for someone else to arrive back and noticed another white van (almost identical!) had pulled up in front of me. It was a lovely woman I’d met at a potluck when I was visiting in May for a job interview (which I’m still waiting to hear back about.... soon I’ll know!) and we hit it off very well. She was on angel duty that night, calmed me right down & reminded me why I’m in Victoria... music! I played for her and another friend in the house who came by shortly afterwards. I realized how well this acoustic music thing will flourish here. Sunday morning we had an amazing jam session in her van. She’s quite talented, and gave me a first lesson on the bodhran, a drum I’ve been wanting to learn to play. Another synchronicity: we both had tiny stuffed lions in our vans (I have three... they’re my pride!)

Later in the day, I felt like going for a walk, got out the city map and planned a square shaped route. I made it halfway and heard my name. Friends from the house were sitting in a sunny schoolyard with other little groups of people. It felt so loving and welcoming.

Later I drove to the new house & camped out in the van out front. I’ve arranged to stay here for the summer... it’s a lovely little square house with a courtyard, cats, and a friendly energy. By the end of summer I’ll be ready for the next adventure.

It’s Now Tuesday morning and I’ve left most of my belongings at the new house. I’m packed for my Entheos Gathering adventure (first performance in front of a big audience!) and will be back to experience Victoria again afterwards. It is time for me to bring the big white van back to the Coast so it can be used to transport things for the party. More here after I return.


wooooooooooo party

A friend left her Cosmic Tribe Tarot book at the house I was living in (which I am now visiting pre-Entheos) and I've only "done readings" from it twice.

OMG is it ever a beautiful deck by a beautiful artist!

Both times I chose the same card & the following passage stood out:

In the card a wild party is going on. Lots of strange things are happening. Everybody is really loose and all kinds of craziness streams out of the cups of people's emotions. This party is wild in a bizarre fun-house kind of way. People don't seem to be themselves. And while they appear to be having fun, there is an intangible sense of desperation lurking behind the bright lights, outlandish outfits, and zany music. Look, there in the corner, it's the cosmic eye, and it's bloodshot!


mowing the lawn can be fun!

The Entheos Gathering is coming up again the weekend after next.

If you enjoy electronic music, like to dance with nice people in the forest, or would enjoy seeing a UFO I highly recommend it.

My friends (Elfmaster et al) in Vancouver are so stoked they have created a "crop circle" of the Entheos logo in their backyard!




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rest as awareness repeatedly

A reminder for myself today to repeatedly stop and rest as awareness throughout my busy day...

Rest as Awareness
In this simple yet profound satsang, Adyashanti reveals the heart of the teaching -- what it means to rest as awareness. He explains how the egoic mind state keeps us from truly resting, and shows us what we need to relinquish so that a direct, immediate access to awareness can spontaneously happen with no effort on our part.


serene sunset

a photo taken by dear friends in attendance at last night's sunset in Robert's Creek...



swimming season

A few evenings ago a little otter was diving around and playing really close to me at the beach down the street. They are such cute and playful little characters.

He was elusive when the camera came out however I did manage to get this shot...



all I know is I’m in flow

I've had this song in my head for weeks and at times thought I'd come up with some verses for it, however it seems to be useful as a mantra on it's own right now.

& there's something nice about the simplicity of "la la la...."

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