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“manifestation manifesto”

Here's an insightful blog entry from the founder of the spiritual media company Sounds True.

Manifestation Manifesto
Over the past few years, I have heard more and more people talk about “manifesting.” From what I can tell, the going definition of manifestation is “learning how to use spiritual principles to get what you want out of life.” Of course, it is usually stated in more palatable language like “how to realize your dreams” or “how to create the life you want.” Often, when I hear people describe this view of manifestation, I find myself feeling irritated. So, I decided it was time to write my own “Manifestation Manifesto.” (As you can see, I’m using this Publisher’s Blog as a chance to constructively express – at least I hope I’m being constructive – many of the pent-up frustrations I have been feeling as a publisher in the field of personal and spiritual transformation for the past 24 years.)

So in response to all of the manifestation talk I‘ve heard over the past few years, here is my “Manifestation Manifesto”:

Step 1. Listen to your inner voice.

Step 2. Do what your inner voice says.

Step 3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2.

That’s my manifesto (very short!). And although it sounds quite simple – and it is from a conceptual viewpoint – that doesn’t mean it is easy.


random quiz

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at

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heart opening video

Made a video for the "heart opening" flute track with poetry...

a meditative track "remixed" from the Heart Chakra track @

and the creek sound @ id=66327

audio digitally remastered by Akhentek

flute playing, poetry, & video by Margot


take a moment
and STOP
everything that is going on
every 3D appearance
all the stories
are mere illusions
tiny temporary sparks

see the BIG picture
all existance is ONE


go inward
notice whats real
only Love

Love Now

and if your Now is dark
Love it alll
(all the more)
Love the dark
as part of the Oneness
for its perfect lessons
and bless it on its way


its all One

life happens this Way
for your benefit
always (all ways)

only Love
Love Now



I have started using Twitter and am enjoying its simplicity.



waking Up

I love the words, images, and music here:


spring springs

I saw the first blackberry blossom of the season!

Click for a larger desktop wallpaper version...



yay dancing

this one speaks for itself

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there’s a hidden reason things feel like this, don’t freak out when you find out what it is

"Sometimes what seems like courage is simply blissful (?) ignorance of how much one is dealing with.

Can you ground out awareness and relax?"



powerful peace

Below is a link to my current desktop wallpaper, the first of a series of weekly considerations from the ever-wise

It says, "You are the one powerful peace that is before, through, and beyond creation." -- Julie Sarah Powell



Good Friday

I was raised in the Unitarian tradition and am very grateful for the way it encouraged me to think for myself while still fostering communion and spiritual togetherness!

Here's one example of how children are taught about Good Friday, a day Christians reflect upon the Crucifixion.

Good Friday for Kids

My main learning objective was that these UU kids would know what “Good Friday” means. They had all heard Craig’s story of Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem in last Sunday’s worship service, so we went from there. I used excerpts from Sophia Fahs’s Jesus, the Carpenter’s Son, pp. 127-131. I gave them the story of Jesus challenging the commercialization of the Temple, framing this as a tale of a religious challenge to the politicized Temple hierarchy. We looked at pictures of the Temple at Jerusalem from UCLA’s Urban Simulation Team, to get a sense of the scale of action Jesus was involved in. Then I briefly told how Jesus was betrayed to the Roman military police by one of his followers, and then executed on what we now call “Good Friday.” I did not go into details of the means of execution — not with a five year old and a six year old present.

One girl made the obvious comment: “‘Good Friday’! — but it wasn’t good at all, they should’ve called it “Bad Friday.’” Needless to say, we also discussed (at an age-appropriate level) the inherent ambiguity of the story and the attendant difficulties of understanding it fully. The kids were also fascinated by the idea that live animals were sacrificed in the Temple at Jerusalem in Jesus’s day, and we spent a little time discussing this alien notion.

We ended by sharing a snack of cinnamon grahams and apple juice, and then everyone helped clean up.


I find the idea of being able to say "Forgive them for they know not what they do," upon crucifixion a very inspiring example of Divine levels of compassion we are all capable of.