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what we focus on grows

I've been giving up scattering my "spiritual" focus on various stories and/or entities and making Love #1.

This page has some of the best messaging around this life philosophy I've ever read:

Heart Awakening
I know there is a Divine Perfection
manifesting itself through all of life.
I stand as a representative of that energy,
and I express myself from it.
I help others come to that same understanding
and that same awareness.



what is the real craving?

Click on the image below for a short video featuring a passage from Deepak Chopra's book Overcoming Addictions that relates to music.


Hz so good

these tuning #s for the various chakras may be valuable for music makers

Root -261.626Hz -C
Sacral - 293.665Hz - D
Solar Plexus - 329.628Hz - E
Heart -369.996Hz - F
Throat - 415.305Hz - G
Third eye -440.000Hz - A
Crown - 493.883 - B

"arbitrary system" from
(includes some nice examples)



namaste y’all

today I rejoice
it has become easy to Love everyone Now
no matter how it feels

I remember who I am!

grant me the wisdom
and self-control
to act accordingly


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“being outside of the mechanism of seeking, isn’t that fulfillment?”

a free half hour guided meditation MP3 from

Undoing the Meditator



source of super pretty desktop wallpapers

A source for very nicely designed desktop wallpapers is Vladstudio.

My only trouble with it is deciding which one to use first...


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