margonaut blog archive (2004-2014)


obvious now

it’s obvious

changes are happening

let go of how you “wanted” it to happen & relax

trust that you’re being delivered to where you need to go

let go of all goals except the most general


whatever floats your boat

relax about the specifics

who are you to know what you’ll enjoy most?

and anyway

real Joy beyond happy/sad is already available 24/7

all:ways superimposed on top of every arising


it might take awhile to feel it fully

as the body takes awhile to adjust to the new frequencies!

so until then

cry if you want to


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  1. Crying in underrated. It will always help you feel better. I really like the icons on the toolbar :)

  2. the insert is new. What is the “utility”s name?

  3. I hate leaving comments as it is such bothersome! But I juts really have to tell u that your poems are AMAZING!!! I love reading all of ’em. Thanks for sharing them. They should be in a book! Hell yeah, I would buy it.

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