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Someone gifted my church with an Autoharp and I was asked if I wanted to use it!

I have been thinking about harps a lot (according to Wikipedia the Autoharp is really a type of zither) and this instrument seems like it will be a lot of fun and get me started with string instruments. I was having a lot of resistance to learning guitar for some reason.

I'll post some audio examples after I get the thing tuned and play around with it a bit.

Here's a video of a gorgeous June Carter playing one with her husband Johnny Cash on mandolin:

one of her mother, Maybelle Carter

& a new video from modern master Jo Ann Smith

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beyond preaching with words

Last Sunday I played at church and it was one of the best musical experiences of my life.

A peaceful energy descended and it felt as if a huge amount of emotional anxiety and sadness was being cleared from the room.

Afterwards I needed to cry for quite some time.

Despite the darker feelings that moved through me, there is nothing I love more than the experience of being a vessel for healing music!


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obvious now

it’s obvious

changes are happening

let go of how you “wanted” it to happen & relax

trust that you’re being delivered to where you need to go

let go of all goals except the most general


whatever floats your boat

relax about the specifics

who are you to know what you’ll enjoy most?

and anyway

real Joy beyond happy/sad is already available 24/7

all:ways superimposed on top of every arising


it might take awhile to feel it fully

as the body takes awhile to adjust to the new frequencies!

so until then

cry if you want to


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bears & icaro

Two videos from my evening at Serenity by the Sea...

Lunaya singing icaros

& a message from the teddy bear guru Chocobear

The Illuminated and Glowing ChocoBear Travels

Light Kin Teddy Bear Style
I am a universal being
Illuminated and Glowing
On an adventure of Heart discovery
As you are



I am loving the concept of using humour to talk about spiritual concepts.

These Puppetji videos are great examples...


the heart nebula

Desktop wallpaper of the day (click on the image 2x for the big version) from the Astronomy Picture of the Day archives:

"The Heart Nebula is located about 7,500 light years away toward the constellation of Cassiopeia."



heart opening

I made more music yesterday! Listen and/or download here.

It's a meditative track "remixed" from the Heart Chakra track @

and the creek sound @

I am remembering two years ago when I felt I "didn't know how to improvise" and now it flows so easily!


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pure melody

After yesterday's recording session with incredibly complex software & electronic equipment, today's music project was quite simple in comparison.

I made this in one take & decided it was perfect as is, enjoy!

Youtube version:




I spent the day in the studio with Akhentek working on the next Pharoelidae track for the upcoming Entheos Conference and Festival soundtrack.

We decided to base the track in the key of E because it closely matched a 528 Hz drone I wanted to base the track around.

I learned about the 558 Hz frequency (said to repair DNA) via Facebook, in a comment to the (crossposted) Hz so good post above.

We started out with minor however flute-wise it felt right to use the unusual Locrian mode. The bassline is especially interesting.

I look forward to sharing the track with everyone soon!

screenshot of the day (click to enlarge)


musical reference site of the day

video of the day


“what is the point to life?”

A classic from the late great Bill Hicks, who was quoted as calling himself "Chomsky with dick jokes."