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starting to think about Entheos again…

Entheos planning is coming up again and I've decided to step up for 2009.

The pre-flyer is beautiful!


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inspiration of the day

I'm snowed in on Christmas by myself remembering that in recent weeks I had declared wanting "more alone time" in the house. Be careful what you wish for!

As a result, I'm reflecting deeply on my life and appreciating those I live with more!

Here is a passage from Barbara Marcinak's Family of Light that stood out for me today:

Your specific future goals are for you to decide, and we do remind you that exquisite possibilities exist. Your genius is at hand, and to really integrate living with one another on Earth, purposeful living must be established. So we ask you, to what purpose do you awaken every morning and go about your lives? Reflect on this thought for a moment, and do not condemn, judge, or applaud yourself for your present involvements, because whatever they are, they will change. The season of change is upon you, and wherever this change may take you, it is most important that you lay a foundation in the home of your intent, as a personal vision connected to a community.



snowed in

A few photos of an unusually snowy Christmas week on the Sunshine Coast...





like a naughty I-Ching reading

sometimes badly translated English is delightfully poetic

as an example, today I received an email with this subject line:


you can probably guess what the email was about, however I like to imagine this is an oracle reading about how my DANCING experience tonight will go

see you @ Luminance? if not, enjoy the solstice celebrations (yay return of the light!)



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2 amazing people

Images of the day... Alex Grey painting Obama!




crystal power?

Today I bought a honey calcite at Elphinstones and when researching it online found this article, which is a fine 101 on the subject of crystals in general.

Top Ten Crystals
In my work as a Crystal Healer I use dozens of different crystals on a regular basis, but there are some stones that are so useful that I would recommend them to anyone who wants to tap into crystal energies. These are my personal top ten:

1. Rock quartz points
2. Rose quartz
3. Black Tourmaline
4. Lepidolite
5. Amethyst
6. Mangano calcite
7. Garnet
8. Blue lace agate
9. Honey Calcite
10. Fluorite


anything but Love is “contrary to the natural state of being”

A very useful quote from the Healing chapter of the gem-packed ebook of note No Time For Karma...

The master teachers didn’t advocate analyzing one’s problems. They preferred to go directly to the solution. The solution involves holding the truth of our being in mind as opposed to holding the problem or its cause in mind. Remember, to create and maintain a situation which is contrary to the natural state of being requires constant effort on our part. We must be constantly reaffirming our dislike of a situation in order to keep it around. When we release our attachment to the problem or to the cause of the problem (all causes are in our mind, not "out there") healing is the result. That is nature’s way.



beware of useless grumbling



After my last video, I received several encouraging messages which I greatly appreciate.

I'm thinking of using for a professional website URL instead...

Until then, I'm going to do my best to relax and focus on music!