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so the B&B thing didn't work out
luckily, my old housemates hadn't found a roommate yet and I was welcomed back
this time I have a different room and all is New

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devotion to the grand scheme

today I let go of stress around what I "should" be doing

and intending:

my will is aligned with Divine will and I am guided in every moment

as we never know why what we're doing Now is important

the first sprouts of progress arise underground and at the beginning are invisible

patience is key



preferably, the designated driver is both mentally sharp and relaxed

resisting the temptation to start over (again) because the mess here is stressful


wherever we go

we simply find ourselves (again)

so, a better choice is to choose to manage steadfastly from here

to truly LOVE and value each imperfect member of the crew unconditionally

(everyone's fates are tied together so we better learn to get along)

and anyway

on a vehicle between ports of call

there's nowhere else to go

(safe harbour must come from within)

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a “what I did today” post

I started a new job today at Elections Canada where I'll help out with voter registrations and balloting for the next few weeks. As part of my "oath" I'm not allowed to discuss politics, which in reality is a relief :)

On the way home I went to an amazing potluck on the beach put on by the local Food Action Network and the sun looked like this:



ebony & melody

I've rediscovered my piccolo, a fun and very portable instrument!

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a few of you have written me saying that I've "been silent" lately

here's reassurance that I'm doing SO well and the upwards momentum is quickening

the #1 thing that's helping internally is replacing every critical or complainy thought (as best I can) with the phrase:




going inward for a season or two

soon this tiny building will be my personal space

the future contains uncertainties however I know this:

there will be creativity accompanied by the sound of rain



back to school

Today I moved my things to the hostel where I'll be living and working, putting most of it in temporary storage until my little cabin is ready. I'll be helping with the construction and later this week I'll varnish the wood on the ceiling & paint the walls.

For the next week or two I'm staying in a room with the customers (the same room I stayed in when I first came here four years ago to find a place to live!)

One of the women staying here now is someone I met hitchhiking back from the Water Woman Festival a few weeks ago when we were both picked up by the same person. I enjoyed being welcomed here by a synchronicity!

Yes Mom, hitchhiking is safe on the Sunshine Coast, though I almost never do it :)

My plan for the next phase of my life is to really dig into getting back on my feet by doing my best on the work that's been put in front of me and to go deep into my own creative projects while enjoying and appreciating the amazing place I live.

After I returned the moving van I biked to the new home from the old one, singing happily at the top of my lungs rolling down the forested highway, "What a life, what a life, what a life!"

I feel the same joyful energy I felt when I went off to University almost 20 years ago and the motivation to really learn and make something new of myself.

I will have some adjusting to do, however I feel as if fate has lined things up nicely and that the next phase will bring new levels of understanding, growth, and happiness.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.
Meister Eckhart