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best served with headphones

I am very much enjoying the music of Hol Baumann at this time. The track "One Step Behind" is exceptionally beautiful.

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another new domain name

I wrote this a few hours ago and have come up with the answer (below)

I need a title and for the "reality show" that I am replacing this blog with.

The "episodes" are visually interesting, have insight to offer, are provocative spiritually, and/or are FUNNY. There will also be music.

I will be the "star" of it in some way however the intention of the show is TO BE OF VALUE TO OTHERS rather than self-promotion. For this reason I will avoid any mentions of my name in the title.

I want to do this because I enjoy the creative process of video and I witness interesting things in my existance that seem to be worth sharing.

Any ideas for a title and that might be a good descriptor for the next phase and/or what the show will provide to its audience?

Answer: Always Adapting online at !


how to love thine “enemy”

a gem from The Intenders Bridge newsletter


Our soul is an enthusiastic, adventurous vehicle, but our body tends toward complacency and becoming comfortable with routines. It seems that we need our apple cart upset every so often in order to break us out of our malaise. This is why we made agreements and arrangements with others, before we came into this lifetime, to help each other in case we started to get stuck here. We asked our soul family to show up at the right time to provide the perfect lesson that would get us moving forward again.

For those who don't see this wondrous play going on from a higher, soul level, it would appear as if the person who is creating all of our turmoil and adversity is a horrible bad guy. Those who are wedded to their Earthly identity tend to make judgments, play the blame game, and grumble incessantly about the harsh conditions imposed on them by someone else. However, in truth, our adversaries are just doing what we asked them to do long, long ago, in a place beyond this beautiful Earth.



Here's a selection from Andrea Conway's Successful Self Employment newsletter that was helpful to me today.

She's the person who first introduced me to "The Law of Attraction" and I recommend her career coaching services.

Impatience comes naturally to most business owners. We like taking action, being in charge, and feeling super productive.

Those are terrific traits that bring big visions into reality. But when you add impatience to the mix, it's like cruising down the highway with your foot on the brakes.

Impatience says to the universe: I'm doing everything to make this happen, but it hasn't happened yet. It hasn't happened yet... it hasn't happened yet... oh, damn -- why isn't it happening?

You can be right on the verge of a beautiful manifestation, but your attention to "it hasn't happened yet" slows it down.

Impatience removes the possibility of a peaceful heart. Impatience stubbornly ignores all the work spirit does on your behalf. You start thinking that you and your mental willpower are the cause of your success. You work harder and harder, becoming more and more impatient, and the more you struggle, the fewer results you manifest.

Consider this. If you had faith in spirit, there would be no need for impatience. Yes, I know you have bills to pay and all kinds of pressures in your life. If I know it, you can be certain spirit -- connected to you through your soul -- knows it and knows exactly what to do about it.

If you have faith that it's working for you, spirit delivers results quickly and in amazing ways.

I'm not saying the answer to impatience is to cease all work and stop desiring results. You must take action to manifest!

What I'm saying is that as you work, remember spirit is your partner. As you work, know that you are doing your best and that spirit never fails to do its best for you.

As you work, ask your soul to take care of the results. Know that your asking is answered. Work with a peaceful heart.

Till next time, here's to your successful self employment!


Art Farm

Yesterday I volunteered at an open house for a piece of land called Deer Crossing the Art Farm.

The young couple (& soon to be baby) have visions of turning their property into a collaborative space with the mandate of "creating art that revitalizes the connection between people and the planet." I was inspired by the vision and met many fascinating people.

There were several art installations in their fields and forest and it was obvious that there is grand potential at play for everyone involved with this piece of land.


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a New life in the Creek (take 2)

four years ago I sold everything in Toronto and moved to the Sunshine Coast where I stayed at a B&B in the Creek whiile searching for my first home here

After a recent phase of considering moving away (based on 3D money and career fear) I wake up and remember why I am here

I have been offered a teeny tiny cabin at the same B&B where I first landed in exchange for part time work there

this will allow me to reactivate the dream of Coast life as a freelancer and active musician

four years ago I was unaware of how strong the metaphysical and emotional adjustment period would be and was not quite ready for the challenge


blessings to all who have offered me safe haven, loved me, and tolerated my periods of doubt

& a new adventure begins