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personality test

a reader sent me a link to a personality test online based on "Jung Myers-Briggs typology"

I've scored differently in the past on other versions of the test however in this one

I'm an INFJ which is apparently the rarest of the combinations

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  1. Unfortunately, they don’t have a category for a chameleon of moods. This time I came out as an ENFP. And upon reading their description, I tended to agree with most of it. When I took the test 10 years ago I was an INFJ, but within a few points of 6 other types. Then the more “type” descriptions I read, the more I start seeing myself being described in all 16. Damn, I thought I might be on to something.

    And they left out “silly”, “trivialist”, “dumb as a post”, “never makes his bed”, and a whole bunch more (many less graciously described) qualities I’ve been assigned from time to time.

    But it was fun! :)

  2. I’m the one “dumb as a post” because I have a Master of Education in Counseling and had to take these catoregizing tests and also interpret them for several volunteers in the early 1980s. BUT y’all (except Peter, my first husband [Margaret & David’s Dad] and second husband) know that “use it or loose it”.

    I’ve since taken M-B and others again. But I only remember the Strong Campall Interest inventory results because they are easly to understand. AND, I do see myself as an architect (my 1st choice for a career) or a college professor [you bet!]).

    M-B was very popular for work group training in the late 1980s. I remember that the senior staff had their “codes” for M-B posted by their doorsat the Indianapolis Public Works Department (where I was a “worker bee”). !!

    Anyway, I believe that Margot’s is a proper fit.

    Love YOU! Momm

  3. Rare indeed!

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