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atrium flute

I was in Victoria, BC last week and played the flute in the beautiful atrium at the Victoria Public Library. A sitar player who was there busking asked if he could videotape me and I thank him for uploading a few melodies to Youtube!

also two other videos:



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  1. Simply lovely!
    the music’s nice too….lavender girl :)

  2. Security word for this message was “hugs”. Such a good fit. I’m glad that you were able to have your college flute repaired.
    Yes: “lavender girl” suits you.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs

  3. Your melodies relax me in this hectic environment that I inhabit. Thanks.

  4. Security word is reason:
    beyond reason
    nothing is ever the same
    again and again
    celestial emanations
    moment to moment travel ling
    a caring focus and a heart in love

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