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should I stay or should I go?

I've given notice at my residence to leave for September 1st and I do not where I am going to go or what I am going to do yet.

Here are a few lists I'm working with at this time:


- do what needs to be done calmly
- choose what to do in each moment and practice focus
- remember music
- get organized inside and out
- take care of the body
- do my best


- to move towards self-realization
- to be peaceful, happy, and of Divine service
- time & space to play and practice flute & develop musically
- healthy food & clean water
- a resonant job or other way of manifesting money (so I can take care of the person, pay my own bills, and share generously)


- Love

my offering on the 2008 Roberts Creek community mandala


personality test

a reader sent me a link to a personality test online based on "Jung Myers-Briggs typology"

I've scored differently in the past on other versions of the test however in this one

I'm an INFJ which is apparently the rarest of the combinations

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vibrational attunement

last night I played flute for some fine friends and was really able to get into "the zone" where the music just flowed through me and peaced out the energy of the entire room

the experience was energetically magical and I have decided to devote my life to music and meditation

today I begin reconfiguring my life around this


atrium flute

I was in Victoria, BC last week and played the flute in the beautiful atrium at the Victoria Public Library. A sitar player who was there busking asked if he could videotape me and I thank him for uploading a few melodies to Youtube!

also two other videos:



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