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Entheos 2008

right now I am swept up in the collective energy of the Entheos Festival which is coming up this weekend.

So the Summer begins...


it takes good seeds to make good flowers grow

This useful information comes from one of those cheapie booklets they sell at supermarket cash registers. I was impressed that genuine insight was available for a mere 99 cents among the celebrity gossip rags and I bought a copy.

The author has a website, is supposedly a "woman expert" and has some interesting things to say.

How to Use the Power of Self-Hypnosis to get what you WANT!
by Patrick Wanis
The subconscious mind is similar to a garden, the conscious mind is the gatekeeper and you are the gardener. You possess the ability to plant and nurture any seed or thought. The garden accepts whatever is planted whether it is a good seed or a destructive weed. It does not judge or differentiate. It accepts as true every thought that is firmly planted by the gardener. The key is to bypass the conscious mind, the gatekeeper, to get to the garden.

Have you ever noticed that every type of plant or flower attracts a specific kind of bird, animal, or insect? In this same way, when you have planted a seed or a thought, it will act as a magnet, sending out signals of vibrational energy, attracting all the circumstances, people, and events required for its success. Of course, if there are weeds around that plant, they may kill it before it ever gets to grow and produce fruit. Therefore, we need to remove those negative destructive weeds or thoughts and only plant the flowers we want to see flourish.


in every word and every action

my intention for today:

clear mind
open heart


vacation weekend = no computers

I am enjoying spending time offline.