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new Pharoelidae track

A new track is available from my collaborative project with DJ Akhentek.

To hear it, visit our CBC3 page.

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flute in the kitchen

Here's a video of me playing along with music in the kitchen (something I enjoy doing because it has the best acoustics in the house.) The recording doesn't really do the way it sounds justice.

The track I'm playing along with is from the compilation "Gruen024" at (look under "releases") the track is "Sprenkler" (lots of nice music at this site!)

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water songs

a few little lowfi recorded songs...

Reply | Copy This

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natural forgiveness emerging

I found this as a random passage in the copy of the book The Four Levels of Healing by the lovely wisewoman Shakti Gawain which is currently on the counter of the "Wrap and Roll" restaurant in Sechelt, B.C. while I recently enjoyed lunch...

Sometimes people fear that exploring the emotional wounds from childhood means blaming their parents or others, which they do not wish to do. It is true that in the process of deep emotional healing it is often important to acknowledge to ourselves any old, buried feelings of hurt, resentment, and sometimes blame of ourselves or others. The magical thing is that once those feelings are consciously acknowledged and experienced in a safe, supportive environment, they generally dissolve, or shift into feelings of acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

Often, people try to jump directly into forgiveness, not wishing to experience the more uncomfortable emotions. While this is sometimes effective, in many cases it is a kind of forced forgiveness, laid over the still unresolved emotions which often resurface later. Once the other feelings are acknowledged and worked through, forgiveness takes place naturally and automatically.


Eckhart Tolle quote

I've been listening to recordings of a series of Eckhart Tolle talks called "Touching the Eternal" and this quote stood out:

"Duality of you and God is the last delusion."


dark & light

note to self:
notice the ego's tendency to convince the mind that you're unworthy of love
by marking the few negative thoughts & comments of the Other as "proof" that they're against you
letting these inevitable "lapses" into moments of darkness and doubt
somehow negate all the loving words and deeds as dishonest

and also notice
how these moments happen less frequently
when you remember
how worthy of love

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