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motivation & momentum

I believe in general that every experience is the perfect thing for my growth and learning to be experiencing in every moment, the new job is proving this. Every day is full of synchronicities and learning experiences (especially around the ins and outs of business) and I'm really enjoying interacting with the general public.

Also, even though I have less "free time" I'm getting more done outside of the office too.

Life is good. The energy is starting to really flow...


chin up beautiful ones

would you choose
fast ascension
with extra intensity
painful and pleasurable


relaxed enlightenment
no pain no strain
always in perfect happy grace ?

trick question!
it's not your choice
it's the former
because in this crucial crux in history
we all need to ramp up amp up
it's fastrack time

it's always worth the effort
and everything turns out better
than anyone can possibly imagine



hooray for flowers

I heard a great gardening tip today, which is apparently more common in Europe.

Plant crocus bulbs all over your lawn in the Autumn and in the Spring you'll get a little meadow of colour which dies down before the need to mow grass arises.

These early heralds of Spring are starting to pop up here in BC!


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working girl (for awhile)

I am now working full time for the tax season doing tax returns and helping out an accountant with general office and computer things.

I'm learning about organizing money and really enjoying the challenge of it all. This is not something I expected.

When I really needed work, I asked the Universe for something that would teach me something I needed to know, where I would get along well with the people & they would love me, and would take care of my financial needs. I left what job it would be open to Divinity and voila! it appeared.

This is not what I'll do forever, however for now it's giving me momentum which is GREAT.

Soon it will start to get busy in tax return land (money is emotional for many people for many reasons) however I'm looking at it all as a way to practice the discipline of staying calm despite whatever forms/appearances arise.


you’ll see it when you believe it

Today I went to a seminar on UFOs at my local public library. I'm so happy that such things are considered mainstream enough here for that to happen!

The presenter was soft spoken and scientific, simply relating the details of various sightings in British Columbia and the Yukon with no paranoid government "conspiracy" talk or even an attempt to prove any of the sightings were actually of extraterrestrial origin.

He came from this organization, don't judge them on their website design:

UFO*BC is a non-profit society registered with the province of British Columbia. The functions of the group are to gather local (BC and Yukon) sightings, investigate them as fully as possible, and to make the public aware of the phenomenon.

During the talk, I decided that I am going to be more open about talking about my views on UFOs and ETs and cease worrying that people will think I'm crazy. I also believe that in a few years, it will be normal and known by everyone that aliens are around, they're largely benevolent, and that they can help us with a lot of our problems (including global warming and the environment) as soon as we reach a certain level of consciousness (i.e. we stop being afraid) ala the prime directive.

When that happens remember that I was right ;)

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complaining is obsolete

in meditation
all the stories fall away
unidentifying with the voices
and though at the cosmic level
"I am not the person"
mymy I love her so

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opening up in sweet surrender

I am discovering that singing is very important to me! I used to sing at the top of my lungs in the car every day however now I don't drive much and when I do I generally listen to wordless music.

I'm changing this and singing more and it's both cheering me up and healing my body!

Here's a sample of something I learned from both Lorne Mallin and David at Blue Lotus Music (the latter uses a different melody.)

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keeping an eye on the Bush ranch?

Are there still people who believe that humanity is alone in the Universe?

It seems amazing to me, like still wanting to hold onto ideas of the Earth being flat!

Law Officers Describe Unidentified Shape-Shifting Aerial Craft in Stephenville, Texas, Region
He said, ‘I was working and see this large object traveling at a very low rate of speed approximately 300 to 400 feet up in the air. He describes it to be approximately two to three football fields long. He described it to look something like a cigar with the ends both rounded off. He said he compared it sort of to a wing of a 747, but he said it was huge!

CNN video:

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office organization

Here's a peek at my quirky little office and extremely preliminary personal information management system...