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loving these loose ends

This morning I woke up thinking about a task I need to do that I've been avoiding due to a feeling of resistance and agitation that comes up when I think about doing it.

The thought that came to mind was, "Bring love to the tasks you have to do, and soon your tasks begin to change towards things you love doing!"

Send me blessings that my current job uncertainty moves me in the right direction (& any short-term research projects too!)


remembering perspective (again & again)

Big thanks to the friend who sent me this link, I may order a set of bracelets as though I TOTALLY agree with what this site is saying, I seem to keep forgetting in various moments during this darkest time of the year...

A Complaint Free World
Your thoughts create your world and your words indicate your thoughts. When you eliminate complaining from your life you will enjoy happier relationships, better health and greater prosperity. This simple program helps you set a trap for your own negativity and redirect your mind towards a more positive and rewarding life.

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changed my mind

yesterday I posted that I was done with the drums
today I changed my mind & deleted the post
so be it

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dream interpretation experimentation

Last night I asked for dream guidance and had a most strange dream about living in a reality where gravity was sideways. This strange place was called "Cincinnati" in my dream though I don't remember the real Cinci being that way (I lived there from ages 5-13.)

As an experiment, I used a voice recorder to take down what I remembered of the dream just after waking up in the middle of the night and it's funny to listen to now!

Keep in mind that I was in a liminal half-asleep state when I recorded this.

Strangely enough, some shifts happened since I woke up yesterday that seem to have helped though it's all quite weird. I'll simply say that the digestive complaints I've had for the past few years (which were what I asked for guidance about) seem to be more related to energetic ties to something from my childhood than specific foods.

The energies seem to be shifting naturally without me needing to explore the old stories too deeply, which is fine with me as I'm starting to learn that we can adjust energies with frequencies & sound and just skip the wordy emotional processing. Sometimes the stories are tempting to get caught up in like a good movie, however I'm less and less interested in exploring and identifying with them as I evolve.

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my new mantra is “maybe”

all stories about what's to be
& my so-called destiny
addictive fixations of fantasy

were ripped away
ouch ouch ouch
such a painful joyful way to find relief

and though it's sometimes scary
I LOVE that it's unknown, undefined

how exciting
how sublime

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Gangaji video

I've been exploring the world of spiritual teachers' videos this week, here's one I like from Gangaji. I love the way she is real yet gentle. She is truly lovely inside & out.

a noteable quote:

God is closer to you than your own breath.


after a week on the guitar…

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I love Elysha

I've been paying some attention to a wonderful spiritual teacher in New Zealand that goes by the name Elysha.

I like him because he sees that "seeing" is simple (and I'm fairly certain I'm not quite there yet and that's ok) and because he's still a quirky human who curses and makes jokes. I also like that he isn't running around "trying" to gain followers.

I also enjoy the NZ style use of language and will definitely pop in for a visit when I someday go to that beautiful country.

He has many articles, videos, and recordings out there (of widely varying "quality") however this one is my favourite to listen to right now.

Though he's generally more gentle, here's a particularly poignant paragraph:

If Eve knew who she was, she would never have been tempted. She would have laughed at the serpent. Ha! You want me to eat of this piece of fruit from the tree of knowledge so that I know more than God, so that I can be better than God? Ha! I am already this one, I am the one in which all gods arise from. You want me to eat a piece of manifestation that arises out of me to give me more? Are you kidding? Get behind me, you sonofabitch! She would have laughed straight in his face, told him to fuckoff. Go and tempt some other poor bastard...

Oh, the blasphemy!


warning: this post contains a Country melody

Big thanks to my friend Stevie for loaning me a guitar. It is giving me so much joy during an intense time in my life!

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newsletter of note

A gem from today's newsletter:

For twenty-five years I have had a framed, playful picture in my office with words written by Sally Huss. It has long reminded me of the role I play in this Universal movie. It has often reminded me not to take my role too seriously and then again to take each aspect of my "character" and play her as brilliantly as possible. Sometimes I remember. Sometimes I forget. I sense now is the time to remember and so I share this and the following with you:

"My life is like a movie in which I get to play myself and I get to experience it one frame at a time. It is a foregone conclusion that the film has a happy ending; it's in the script. I love this film. I love my part, and if I play my part just right, there's a good chance I will get an Academy Award."

So here we stand together, NOW facing the most important roles of our lives, the role of ascended human. There are many facets of this role, though not nearly as complex as the mere mortal experience to be sure.

How will we fare, brilliantly or otherwise? I choose brilliantly and I choose love and I choose clarity, not confusion and not fear. And....I choose to use every spiritual tool I have ever gathered to keep me on an unobstructed path!

How about you? Are you ready to stand tall and strong and excited and create like you've never created before? Are you ready to Un-create the conditions that have caused prolonged angst and depressions in your energy fields? Are you ready to let the world external do what it needs to do without getting caught up in the drama (and there will be drama)?

Are you willing to let the curtain fall on the final act in a very long movie, toss off your old costumes, stand naked for a moment or so and consciously decide what garb you will wear as you take your new role, your authentic role in the New World? Do you know what parts of your "make-up" serve you and which do not? Have you chosen your side of the stage yet where you will play the rest of this movie out on? FYI: Stage left, fear. Stage RIGHT, love.