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trust me

that which you fear she will not overcome
feeds on your fear
& makes her climb Home steeper than it needs to be

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the business paradigm I choose

In my career, I am now in the position to choose the clients/colleagues I want to work with.

My preferences:

transparency/honesty (all stakeholders know what is going on)
positive legacy work (the ripple effect of what we are creating has a positive legacy in the world)
quality (quality artistic work by genius specialists, neither rushed nor cheap)
friendly (everyone is fun to work with, friendly, and forgiving)

While some like the intrigue/excitement of the chess game of business politics, I choose to work differently.

However, if I get dragged there I can engage it (watch out!)


exercising free will without being attached to it

Here's a quote from a printed out E-book a friend gave me over a year ago callled "But God" about getting in touch with the greater one-ness of Spirit. The book seems to not be online anymore...

The most dynamic manifestation of individuality in the Life Continuum is Free Will. There are no rules or limits to govern free will. Indeed, free will is completely free in every way. There is only cause and effect to define free will. However, the greater will rules the moment.

To me it means that while we are able to make choices about what realms we explore and what we "manifest" in the world, we are definitely not in full control of what will happen...


20 years ago (!)

Indianapolis, ca. 1987


emotions unshackled

Notes to self:

whatever stories you've made up about
"what is going on"
are largely delusional
and only valid from your particular (peculiar) perspective

the buzz you feel around certain stories
is real
i.e. "there's some kind of energetic"

sit with the energy
embrace it
embody it

and most importantly
stop letting the stories
tempt you into wasting your mental powers
figuring it all out

drama happens
instead of reacting to drama
(which feeds drama)

hold everyone in your heart
whenever they come into mind or view

less processing
less contempt
more forgiveness
more compassion
more Love


welcome to the new blog

my intention was to catalogue all my old posts before launching this new version of my site

however it's been awhile so I'll launch now to help assuage the stagnation of my online identity

more soon