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ladies & pasties

Last night I went along with a friend to a burlesque show that featured everyday women who had gone to a series of classes on the subject about how to create an act & attach pasties to themselves, etc.

It was a strange scene with a lot of hooting and hollering (the other women yelled more than the guys) and I was impressed at the courage of the women to get up there, especially with all of the photographs being taken! Most of the people there seemed to know each other.

I can see why for many, real girls showing less and having fun are much sexier than full on strippers who do it for the money!

And no, you won't be seeing me doing it in a neighbourhood bar!


a different bird?

Last night before I fell asleep I asked for guidance about my health in dream form.

All I remember were little birds injured by the feathers of bigger birds and the mesage, "You're a hummingbird trying to be a crow."

About 5 minutes after posting the above I realized that I need to change the theme of my new (under construction) website from bees to hummingbirds (after working with an image of bees all day!)


things to phase out

all have the opposite effects
that you're aiming for

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in Vancouver

I'm in Vancouver this week housesitting for someone who is at Burning Man.

Though I've lived in far more intense cities than this, it's been awhile since I've been in an urban environment for more than a few days. I'm finding the energy here activating, however I know I'll return to the Sunshine Coast with more appreciation for what I've got going there.

I have a lot of Internet work to do, however I will be letting myself experience what the city has to offer. Yesterday I went to an all day chanting workshop and I'll be doing a lot of flute busking, more for fun than money.


water is the most precious substance on Earth

Behind the scenes, the conservative Canadian Federal government is making deals with the United States to sell off Canada and most Canadians are unaware of it.

I encourage Canadians to support the
Council of Canadians
' work, especially their water campaign.

Though I have largely moved away from talking politics, this one is important to be aware of.

Deep Integration and Water
“It is nearly inevitable that bulk water exports from Canada ... will take place, given the political circumstances, within the next two to five years,” said Paul Michael Wihbey, president and founder of Global Water and Energy Strategy Team, during a September 2006 Business Forum in Banff, Alberta.

A Probe Research national survey released in July 2006 found that 74 per cent of Canadians are opposed to selling our water like a commodity to the U.S., but ongoing regulatory and policy harmonization between our two countries is leading us down that path.

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ego = needing to be other than

when you feel an emotion
towards "another"
there's no one here
except (accept!) yourself

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the language of spam

I'm getting many spam messages that contain an image of an advertisement and have some kind of computer generated writing in them that will appear in the preview list in my inbox. The text is often quite strange.

Here's one from a "discount pharmacy" I thought was almost poetic...

I hope, reader, that some reaction curtain time while our space tragedy is still playing, in some relation interval between the acts We all heaved spend my fantastic stores milk stick into the dugout, a well-made (but as it turned out, badly designed) cedar on He who does not suffer, and who does meal not suffer because he jump example confess does not live, is that logical and frozen THE PRACTICAL PROBLEM Come, shore Helen, mother shyly come, give office me my soul again.

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it’s all a reflection

An interesting article on a concept some seem hostile towards which I think is obvious...

The Mirror Dance
If you’re like me, you’ll probably start off treasuring the friendship that person gives you, because you have so much in common. And you’ll probably want to work with them because they have the same vision, mission and purpose in life that you have. They want to accomplish the same things, change the world in the same ways, dream the same dreams.

And then you’ll start noticing the things that annoy you, that also annoy you about yourself, whether you admit that or not. And as you’re running away from them, and seeing them constantly reflected in the mirror, you’ll argue and fight with that image.

But what good does it do to fight with your own reflection? All you’ll end up doing is breaking the glass if you hit it too hard.


butterfly effect

I have found crop circles fascinating for some time, however this recent one is one of the most beautiful symbols I've ever seen:

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

I've been working with Dana Williams on some health and emotional issues using EFT or "Emotional Freedom Techniques" which is a healing modality that involves saying trigger phrases and tapping on various points on the body.

I thought it seemed really silly at first however it kept appearing in my life so I decided to give it a try. It's so simple and it is really helping. The tapping points correspond with Chinese energy meridian points used in acupressure and acupuncture.

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every emotional, health and performance issue you can name and it often works where nothing else will.
EFT works beautifully with Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and reaches the deeper mind and emotions with an added body component. With EFT we can easily and rapidly gain access to parts of our subconscious mind to create change. As people experience EFT most report a profound relaxing of stressful emotions that we carry with us and access daily. These emotions that come up are actually anchored in earlier programming. EFT involves a simple process of tapping on stress relief points (Acupuncture Points) as you focus on your issue.