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first foray into electronic music production

Visit here to listen to my first collaborative electronic track, made with my friend Master Akhentek featuring vocals by the amazing & angelic Theda.

We call our collaborative project Pharoelidae which is a combination of the Latin name parulidae (a genus of songbird known as the "new world warblers" or "wood warblers") and the word pharoe (as Akhentek has some Egyptian tendencies.)

I play the flute and helped with some of the beats & basslines. Akhentek does the technical wizardry (and I am learning that side of it too...)

It is featured on the Entheos Gathering promo CD.

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whose energy is it anyway?

Like many other "spiritual" (or whatever you want to call it) types, I've often said that I'm "sensitive to other people's energy" in terms of mood.

I'm realizing now that though I tend to think and feel different things depending on who is in the room, it has more to do with myself than the "other" people.

It's now clear that if I want to become less affected by this sort of thing, I simply have to become stronger in myself.

It was so much easier when I could just blame someone else for the way I was feeling... ;)


Gangaji in Vancouver

Last night I went to see Gangaji speak in Vancouver.

She is perhaps the most beautiful woman I've seen in person and had a very calm, strong, gentle, way about her. Her message was multifold, though she said it was about coming together and the energy more than what was said.

The most valuable lesson for me was the idea to keep all emotions centred in the heart and to be OPEN to every experience that occurs without distinguishing between good and bad or trying to make "negative" experiences and feelings go away. The key word was OPEN. Love it ALL baby!!

She invited people to sit next to her in an armchair on a small stage and several of those who came up had been in her workshops in the past and she remembered them, much to their delight.

I had a strong energetic experience, partially due to Gangaji herself and partially due to the energy of all the other characters who chose to be part of such a meeting.

I am hoping to go to one of her weekend workshops in the future.

Go back a few posts in this blog to see a video of her speaking.


the day just is

Recently I was introduced to the concept of just saying "Morning!" or "Evening!" etc. in greeting rather than sticking "good" in front of the statement, so as to avoid making the counterproductive judgement/distinction between good and bad (since it all just is.)

I'm adjusting my language (both internally and externally) and am going to experiment with this one for awhile.



anything we consume is a mind altering substance

Many blessings to the woman in the herb shop in Molly's Lane who introduced me to nutritional yeast and spirulina. My mood has improved exponentially since I started taking these and it seems I must have been deficient in protein and/or some other essential nutrients.

I always thought nutritional yeast was just some weird supplement for vegans however I am stoked to discover it's totally delicious as well. I am loving it on toast.

I remember the cat ripping into a bag of it my vegetarian roommate left out on the counter at one point. This should have been a sign that there was something tasty and healthy going on.

Perhaps the mood improvement also has something to do with the fact that the treehouse tree is in fruit with cherries!

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change of seasoning

note to self on a perfect summer's day:
love your past
everything ever said and done
and wake up to the Reality that
in your awkward dance
you are
and always were
a lovable creature


post Entheos

separateness scares smashed
as the integration is obvious
from alienation to alien:nation

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